Spain players ‘ignore’ fans at Madrid airport

The Rio Report

It may have been a tumultuous World Cup campaign for reigning champions Spain but that did not prevent a hard-core selection of ‘La Roja’ fans from flocking to Barajas Airport to welcome them home.

It did not go to plan though.

As the fans waited, news soon filtered through to the waiting crowd that their heroes were more than likely set to come through another entrance.

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Cue a mad dash to try to find the team from the waiting fans but it was to little avail.

The Spanish team had come through back door, leaving those fans who had made the journey to welcome back their fallen heroes disappointed.

However, there may have been mitigating circumstances as Reuters reported that their plane was hit by lightning.

"The Iberia flight, which touched down at about midday local time (1000 GMT) in the Spanish capital, was hit by a bolt of lightning but there were no negative consequences for the aircraft or the passengers, a spokeswoman for the airline confirmed."

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