Suarez ‘bite’ overshadows dreadful England – and it is Dr Peters’ fault (sort of)

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England endured a dismal World Cup campaign that ended with a rather drab scoreless draw against Costa Rica. Under absolutely any other circumstances, England’s struggles would be all over the front and back pages.

Thankfully for England and Roy Hodgson, Luis Suarez stepped up, as he appeared to bite – that is right – bite Giorgio Chiellini. Correct, he appeared to bite a player. For a third time.

Fellow pros even waded in:

Some people saw this coming – but, at the time, such a suggestion would seem outlandish:

There was a reason behind it, of course:

It is not his fault, though:

Elsewhere, England were poor but at least the fans at the game got into the spirit of things, though.

Their mood will not have improved by what was a pretty dire first-half performance.

The second half was little better:

For those who missed England’s travails at this World Cup, this user rather aptly summed it all up.

The Costa Rica fixture was meant to be the dawning of a new era for England but, alas, at half-time it did not appear that way:

Fear not, there is hope – step forward Timothy.

Bryan Ruiz, he who was deemed not good enough to help Fulham in a relegation dogfight last season, and this Twitter user was far from enamoured with the endeavours of the Costa Rican captain.

He must have missed this beautiful bit of skill though.

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