Thierry Henry enrages a whole nation

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There is little doubt that Thierry Henry has been a success as a pundit for the BBC at this World Cup.

He has been sauvé whilst being insightful – in fact, his impressive array of cardigans have developed cult status on social media.

It all appeared to be going so well for the former Arsenal forward, with the affection for him coming from across the social media spectrum.

But then, he split opinion.

One of the main incidents from the first-half of the match between Italy and England was a penalty shout from the Italians from what looked to be handball against Glen Johnson.

Thierry put forward a solid, robust defence of the England defender – claiming that as he had his hands by his side, the referee was correct not to penalise the England man.

Pretty standard fare but then anchor Gary Lineker uttered the immortal words: “Ever get away with a handball Thierry?”

The implication, of course, was a reference to Henry’s handball against Ireland in their World Cup play-off in 2009 that in some eyes cost the Irish their place at the finals.

Sauvé as ever, Henry laughed off the comment with a “no, never”.

However, the damage had been done – cue a raft of expletive laden social media posts from the Emerald Isle:

To be fair to Henry, he was simply replying to a question and what could he say but make a joke.

It mattered little though, his status as a pantomime villain Ireland, it appears, is here to stay:

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