‘I thought he’d take me to jail’ – Neymar saves boy kicked out by security

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When 8-year-old Bernardo Nunes was caught by security guards after attempting to invade Brazil's training sessions in order to meet his heroes Neymar and Thiago Silva, he thought he was done for.

"I started crying because I thought he would take me to jail," Bernardo told Terra. But Neymar wasn't going to let that happen.

As the child was led away from the training ground, Neymar ran to catch up to him. Once he did, he escorted Bernardo over to the rest of the Brazilian players, with Bernardo dribbling a stray ball along the way.

He then got to meet some of the team's biggest stars including David Luiz, Marcelo, and Thiago Silva.

Neymar then took Bernardo's camera and served as Brazil's most famous photographer for that moment before handing it off to Thiago Silva so he could get in a shot with the boy himself.

After a few hugs and a bit of a chat, Bernardo was sent on his way.

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(Neymar and Brazil stars via Project Babb)

This isn't the first time Neymar, who is a father himself, has saved a young pitch invader from the clutches of security guards and helped him live his dream, though.

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He did something similar to a South African boy after a friendly in March, where the Brazillian players even hoisted the delighted child up into the air.

Still just 22 years old and with every reason to be a self-centred egomaniac with all the fame, fortune and comparisons to Pele he's already dealt with for years now, Neymar keeps showing how caring and likeable he really is.

You know, when he's not trying to get an opponent booked for nothing.

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