World Cup Game Of Thrones – Winner Is Coming…

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Winner Is Coming in the World Cup Game of Thrones and as nobody has read this book there is no chance of spoilers.

Here is the quarter-final line-up

House France v House Germany (Friday 5pm – Rio de Janeiro)

These tribes have clashed in the past and will do so again on Friday after. The Germans mix cool headiness but some red-hot play but it will be the in-form French side that will be hoping to sing a Song of Ice and Fire after this one.

House Brazil v House Colombia (Friday 9pm – Fortaleza)

Colombia are increasingly the sexy selection to go all the way but they would be foolish to look beyond the yellow wall of the home favourites who will have an army of over 200m behind them.

House Argentina v House Belgium (Saturday 5pm – Brasilia)

The Argentines will be hoping their genius imp Lionel Messi will help them avoid a red wedding at the hands of Belgium when they sides clash in Brasilia.

House Netherlands v House Costa Rica (Saturday 9pm – Salvador)

The Night's Watch on Saturday to wrap things up. They say a Dutchman always pays his debts, and will the effort they put in in the baking hot sun of Fortaleza against Mexico come back to haunt them when they face the fiery dragons from Costa Rica?

Follow ever match here on Eurosport Yahoo! as four more of the eight remaining kingdoms fall.

Winner Is Coming!

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