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  • Top 10 sporting philosophers

    Joey Barton has raised plenty of eyebrows in the world of football over the last few days - and not only by engineering a move away from Newcastle United by cleverly taunting the club's owners until they decided to cut him loose on a free transfer.

    But it's his liberal use of highbrow quotes on his Twitter feed that have been the most surprising element of the affair for many.

    People have struggled to reconcile Barton's obvious intelligence and thoughtfulness with a ferocious and violent temper that once saw him stub out a cigar in a trainee's eye, hospitalise a team-mate with a sickening

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  • Top five greatest acts of sportsmanship

    The Indian
    cricket team may have been losers on the pitch this weekend, but they won widespread admiration for the way they allowed England batsman Ian Bell to
    keep his wicket.

    Bell was
    run out by an appealing Indian team after wrongly assuming that a shot he had hit had
    gone for four runs, with a video replay showing that the ball was in fact still
    in play - and meaning that the in-form star was out with the last delivery
    before tea on Sunday. Bell had assumed tea had been called.

    Yet India went back on their appeal and allowed his wicket to remain intact - with Tuesday's papers revealing

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  • Top 10 sporting power couples

    Top sports stars have always been drawn towards each other
    romantically - and following the wedding of Mike Tindall and Zara
    Phillips, we've decided to run down sport's top 10 power couples.

    the ego of the average top-class athlete, it is no surprise that not
    all of our top 10 are still together. But while they lasted they
    generated as many column inches for their relationships as they did for
    their exploits in the sporting theatre.

    Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips

    Zara Phillips,
    the daughter of Princess Anne, was considered a bit of a wild child in her
    youth with stories of boozy nights

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  • Top 10 football bad boys

    Wayne Rooney has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons this week after being involved in a Twitter spat with a fan.

    But for all his swearing and his one-time penchant for sleeping with prostitutes, the fiery Manchester United man is an amateur when it comes to really raising hell.

    And even Rooney's counterpart at Manchester City, Mario Balotelli, is a mild-mannered kitten when his rap sheet is compared to that of football's true nutcases.

    We've decided to run down the top 10 footballing bad boys to show just how far Rooney would have to fall before he got anywhere near to the bottom.


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  • Top 10 sporting cock-ups

    The McLaren
    cock-ups which scuppered the hopes of both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at
    the British Grand Prix left sports fans open-mouthed in astonishment at the incompetence
    they were witnessing.

    solid pace was undone by a team blunder that saw him carry too little fuel,
    forcing the 2008 world champion to drive at relatively funereal pace to save

    But Button
    was left even more frustrated after a member of his own pit crew failed to
    screw on a wheel nut during a pit stop.

    the 2009 champion's wheel came off the first time he tried to turn a corner,

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  • Who is the worst owner in football history?

    You may not be happy with the current owner of your football club but they cannot be much worse that Chechen businessman Bulat Chagaev who recently took over Swiss club Neuchatel Xamax.

    Chagaev fired the club's entire coaching staff after only two games on Sunday as the turmoil since his recent take over continued.

    Neuchatel have already fired two coaches, ditched all their sponsors and sacked their administrative staff since Chagaev took control in May, saying he wanted to lead them into the Champions League.

    On Friday, they also sacked Brazilian goalkeeper Rodrigo Galatto after only one

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  • Top Five: Cheeky penalty kicks

    Theyab Awana has got the world talking with his cheeky backheel penalty for UAE against Lebanon last week.

    He is not the first one to try and an outrageous trick from the spot though. Embarrassing goalkeeper from 12 yards out has been going on for years ever since Antonin Panenka's 'falling leaf' penalty in the 1976 European Championship final stunned the world.

    In honour of such efforts - we present our five favourite cheeky penalty kicks.

    Joonas Jokinen for FC Baar

    Joonas Jokinen of Swiss side FC Baar created a sensation by converting a penalty and executing a spectacular somersault at the

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  • 10 sports stars who left it late to win big

    World number 111 Darren Clarke was nobody's favourite going into the 2011 Open at Sandwich, but managed to surprise the golfing world and fulfil some of the potential that he had long hinted at.

    There are plenty of sad cases where talented sportsmen never achieve the successes that look like their destiny. But Clarke's triumph, aged 42, put The Rundown in mind of a number of sportsmen who left it late to make their mark.

    Darren Clarke

    Northern Irishman Clarke was playing his 54th
    Major and his 20th Open when he finally broke his Major duck. The champion at
    Sandwich had had a long and

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  • The top five forgetful sports stars

    world champion Raymond van Barneveld turned up for the World Matchplay Darts
    championship in Blackpool without one crucial item - his darts.

    "It's your worst nightmare!" admitted
    van Barneveld. "I practised on Friday and I think I forgot to put my darts in
    my suitcase when I got home."

    It was the only thing anyone was talking
    about as the tournament got into full swing - but fortunately for the former
    postman from Holland, it mattered little - he beat Steve Brown 10-3 and booked
    himself a place in the last 16 regardless.

    A staggering piece of forgetfulness, but
    there have been instances

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  • Women’s World Cup sees worst ref blunder of all time

    A referee in the Women's World Cup made an astonishing blunder at the weekend, failing to award a spot-kick after what is surely the clearest foul in the history of the game.

    The shocking blunder has inspired us to take a look at the top 10 worst refereeing travesties of all time - starting off with the new entry, which comes in at the very top of the list.

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    1. Australia denied clearest penalty in history of football

    A referee made a calamitous blunder in a Women's World Cup game by failing to spot a defender who calmly caught the ball in both hands during a match.

    When Australian

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