The Rundown

The best and worst of the Super Bowl ads

The Rundown

In amongst the blackout, Beyonce and a bit of American football, the Super Bowl ads dominated the agenda.

But two have drawn particular criticism from users who found them in poor taste.

The first came from Go Daddy, whose visualisation of smart and sexy coming together in a passionate kiss turned plenty of stomachs.

· @WorseThanCrocs gave the spot the ultimate thumbs-down: "That Go Daddy commercial... Was Worse Than Crocs."

· @Dixie_DarlinAL wrote, "I still feel nauseous over that Go Daddy commercial. I hate the sounds of people chewing, let alone that sloppy make out sesh. #Barf."

· @AP_Retail wrote, "The sound effects in GoDaddy's #thekiss commercial may have made some viewers lose their dinner."

While Calvin Klein's ad, focusing on the male form, didn't impress people on social networks.


  • @FakeJDGreear wrote, "Ladies, if you flipped the channel for Go Daddy but left it on for Calvin Klein, you're a hypocrite."
  • Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote, "And yes, the Calvin Klein one objectified men just as much as Go Daddy did women. I guess we're equal now? Hooray?"
  • @jonacuff tweeted, "If the Calvin Klein underwear folks ever get together with the Go Daddy folks, the most unwatchable ad of all time will be created."
Those were just two a number of commericals to hit the airwaves on an expensive night for US advertisers. Our American colleague Jay Busbee rounds up the best and worst of the other ads on the night.

Budweiser, Brotherhood

Plot: Guy raises horse from ponyhood, horse goes on to be a Clydesdale, horse spots former owner years later ... sorry, it's a little dusty in here ...

Verdict: OH COME ON. Are you kidding me? Super Bowl commercials aren't supposed to make you cry! They're supposed to make you laugh or cringe or go reload your plate. This? This ad makes you want to call your parents, hug your kids, and maybe just buy a horse. Flat-out winner out of the gate. Going to be a lot of people dabbing their eyes with cocktail napkins when this one airs.

Jeep, "Whole Again"
Plot: We've still got people fighting overseas, you know.
Verdict: It's always a little sleazy when a company yokes itself to patriotism to push product, but the message here overwhelms any buy-our-vehicles shill.

Dodge Ram, "Farmer"
Plot: Talking about how awesome farmers are. That's it.
Verdict: Probably the most effective ad of the night, even if most of America doesn't even know a real farmer.

Samsung, "The Next Big Thing"
Plot: How do you talk about the Super Bowl without talking about the Super Bowl?
Verdict: Between Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Bob Odenkirk in full Saul Goodman/"Breaking Bad" mode, this is the best cast of the entire Super Bowl. (Big Game, whatever.) Best repartee of the night.

Hyundai, "Epic Playdate with the Flaming Lips"
Plot: A family, with the help of the Flaming Lips, has the greatest play-day ever.
Verdict: The presence of the alt-rock darling Lips in a Super Bowl commercial is nothing short of amazing. Sellouts? Nah, that word has no meaning anymore. The ad's good wholesome fun, too.

Mercedes, "Soul"
Plot: Willem Dafoe, as the devil, offers a guy a Mercedes in exchange for his soul as the Rolling Stones sing in the background.
Verdict: Guy decides his soul's worth more than $29,900. Ah, but you haven't factored in the finance charges, guy.

Tide, "Miracle Stain"
Plot: A 49ers fan finds a miraculous Joe Montana stain on his jersey ... too bad his wife's a Ravens fan.
Verdict: The platonic ideal of a Super Bowl ad: catchy premise, wacky hijinks, solid punchline. Winner.

Toyota, "Wish Granted"
Plot: A genie (Kaley Cuoco) pops out of a new Toyota (wait, what?) and starts granting wishes. Just go with it.
Verdict: Rapid-fire cutesy-ness designed to sling jokes at you so fast you don't think too hard about any one of 'em. Also, HA HA THE DAD IS SO DANG STUPID. Don't see that routine played often. Times is tough for white male heads of households, y'all.

GoDaddy, ""
Plot: Got a good idea for a website? Don't wait.
Verdict: A GoDaddy ad among the winners? I know, we're as surprised as you are. But as crass as the company's ads usually are, this one's pretty clever. Sit around and talk about your big idea, and somebody else will be doing it. I like Nouveau Riche Dude's catchphrase ("More everything, sky waitress!" is the Austin Powers "Yeah, baby!" of the next 12 hours), but I'm a little concerned about his choice of Danica Patrick as a pilot.

Doritos, "Goat 4 Sale"
Plot: Dude buys goat, gives goat Doritos, goat freaks out when Doritos are gone. As goats do.
Verdict: Apparently Doritos are more addictive than gambling multiplied by heroin, and not just for people. Also, that screaming goat will haunt your dreams.
Volkswagen, "Get In. Get Happy."
Plot: Wacky-Voice Office Guy with fake-Jamaica accent makes everybody happy!
Verdict: No. No no no. There is no reason whatsoever to reward the behavior of Wacky-Voice Office Guy. Swift termination is the only answer, mon.
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