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Van Persie suffers ‘scratches’ after kitesurfer collision – and other ridiculous sporting injuries

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Well, Robin Van Persie was never known as the sturdiest footballer, but he has never suffered a more bizarre injury than the one he managed in Rio this week.

The Manchester United forward had a freak accident with a kitesurfer while sauntering along Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, escaping serious injury.

Van Persie and his Netherlands team-mate Daryl Janmaat were left with "light scratches and headaches" after colliding with the kitesurfer, according to the Dutch Football Association.

With the World Cup just days away, the incredibly injury-prone Van Persie was fortunate not to have been injured further after the crash with the 30-year-old no stranger to the marble slabs of the treatment room.

The strange incident was described by Janmaat to Dutch news service NIS as "I almost got a kite on my head. There was a man kitesurfing and he fell on the very spot where I was."

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Only this week, Van Persie revealed that he has been playing in real pain for the past six seasons.

But Van Persie is far from the first sports star to suffer a ridiculous injury, so let's not waste any further time in getting to some absolute gems...

David James reaches for the stars... and the remote

The England goalkeeper once pulled a muscle in his back when reaching for the television remote control and the keen angler also tweaked his shoulder when trying to land a monster carp.

Rio Ferdinand has a run-in with a coffee table

During his spell at Leeds, the England defender managed to pick up a tendon strain in his knee watching television. Ferdinand had his foot up on a coffee table for a number of hours and ended up injuring a tendon behind his knee.

Sam Torrance sleepwalks out of Ryder Cup

Scottish golfer Torrance has a long history of sleepwalking, but at the 1993 Ryder Cup his problem became a nightmare.

Torrance leapt out of bed and tackled a yucca tree, believing it to be an intruder, and broke his toe in the process. The incident caused him to miss the singles matches on the final day at The Belfry.

"For months afterwards I was unmercifully ribbed by my colleagues," he said. "Every time I hit into the trees, someone would say, 'Careful Sammy, it's a jungle out there!'"

Alex Stepney gets jaw-ache

Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney was not one to suffer fools. With his team's defence in disarray during a match against Birmingham in 1975 Stepney shouted so aggressively he dislocated his jaw.

Dave Beasant crocked by condiment

Beasant will always be remembered for his penalty save for Wimbledon against Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup final, but the goalkeeper could do nothing to stop a falling bottle of salad cream in 1993. The offending condiment smashed on his ankle and damaged ligaments, leaving Beasant ruled out for eight weeks.

John Smoltz straightened out

Baseball players pride themselves on immaculate uniforms, so it was no surprise that Atlanta Braves' pitcher Smoltz wanted to iron his jersey. The problem was he decided to do it while he was wearing it, leading to a nasty scalding.

Lee Trevino struck by lightning

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The inimitable American golfer was struck by lightning by the 13th green during the Western Open at Butler National Club near Chicago. Trevino was rushed to hospital along with playing partner Jerry Heard, but emerged unscathed. His advice to golfers threatened by electric storms in future - hold up a one-iron to the sky. ''Even God can't hit a one-iron," he said.

Colin Smart follows the scent

England's rugby squad were in buoyant mood following their 1982 Five Nations victory against France in Paris. Leading the revelry was forward Maurice Colclough, who pretended to drink a bottle of aftershave in front of his team-mates. Colclough had cleverly substituted the aftershave for water, but Smart thought he had just seen the bravest act of his rugby career. The prop proceeded to drink a real bottle of aftershave and was rushed to hospital to have his stomach pumped.

Fred Titmus propelled to success

England vice-captain Titmus was enjoying a leisurely swim during the 1967/68 tour of the West Indies when he got his foot caught in the propeller of a boat, breaking four toes in the process. Despite fears his career might be over, Titmus returned to take 111 wickets for Middlesex and lead their batting averages the following season.

Kim Clijsters dogged by injury

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The Belgian tennis player, and former world number one, was playing football with her boyfriend and her father when she tripped over her dog and injured her tailbone in 2006.

"I stumbled over Diesel and fell badly. Very stupid. Fortunately it was nothing serious but it was bad enough to have to take two days of rest," she said.

David Batty tamed by toddler

Former England midfielder Batty was set to comeback from an Achilles injury when his young daughter ran him over on a tricycle - putting him back on the treatment table.

Cavendish suffers Wii setback

British cyclist Cavendish was playing a snowboarding game on his Nintendo Wii when he fell off the board and damaged a calf muscle.

Can you think of any other ridiculous sporting injuries over the years? Post your suggestions and comments below...

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