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Canadian coach accuses Russians of cheating their way to silver medal

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Canadian luge coach Wolfgang Staudinger will be about as welcome in Russia as Ian McKellen at a Putin family barbecue after suggesting that Russia cheated its way to a silver medal.

The Russians finished second in Thursday's team relay event - but Staudinger suspects that they only did so with some horrendous skulduggery which saw the Canadian team sabotaged.

“Canada was silver at the top, but the further we went down, the slower we got, and that’s a clear sign that the track slowed down dramatically,” Staudinger told the Toronto Star - wisely waiting until he had arrived safely back on Canadian soil.

The temperature on luge tracks is controlled, so in order to slow down the track, one can simply turn up the heat.

And Staudinger believes that Russia did just that to ensure that their team medalled.

The Russian relay team won silver, while top contenders like Canada and Austria missed the podium altogether.

"We just couldn’t keep the speed, and (the team’s) sliding wasn’t that bad,” Staudinger told another publication Business Insider.

“It's always hard to prove, but I'm long enough in the business that I can tell you when people, especially the Austrians, who won silver yesterday, were dropping half a second that’s not normal."

In response, Gilbert Felli, the executive director of the games for the IOC, said in a press conference on Friday that Staudinger should stop being a sore loser.

“As you know, in every competition, you always have people believing that people have tricks,” Felli said.

“And I think they should let it go unless they have proof and someone can bring proof to any wrongdoing.”

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