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The dating app that is rocking the Olympic village

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Jamie Anderson

The Olympic village has always been an infamous and legendary place in terms of athlete hook-ups, and it has been taken to a new level in Sochi.

What do athletes do when they are not training, eating, sleeping or competing? Well, they browse through athlete profiles on their phones, of course!

The fun the athletes seem to have out on the slopes and ice of Sochi is nothing compared to the giggles many have away from the cameras and the hysterical commentators (well, in the BBC's case, at least).

Jamie Anderson was the talk of the Games when she scooped the gold medal in the snowboard slopestyle ahead of Britain's Jenny Jones, who took bronze, and she has talked about the rampant dating that goes on in the village.

It is all through a hook-up app by the name of Tinder and it has well and truly kicked off in the village in Sochi.

"Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level," Anderson told US Weekly.

"It's all athletes! In the mountain village it's all athletes. It's hilarious.

"There are some cuties on there."

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It has become so popular, in fact, that while some athletes have probably seen performances dip as a result of distractions away from competition, others such as Anderson have resorted to deleting the app altogether.

That is because, such is the presence of the dating scene in the village, Anderson found it almost impossible to focus on her own performance and preparation.

"There was a point where I had to be like OK, this is way too distracting," she said.

"I deleted my account to focus on the Olympics."

American swimmer and well-known playboy Ryan Lochte once revealed that, in his estimation, 70-75 per cent of Olympians were spending their time away from competition and training having sex in the village.

We will likely never know if that is an accurate portrayal, but it is certainly clear that many athletes are having a genuine choice to make: to 'focus on the Olympics' like Anderson, or to focus on their mobile phones.

Surely it was never this difficult for athletes of yesteryear. Our sympathy goes out to those who are faced with such tough daily choices.

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