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Free beer for Olympians! Just so long as you’re Canadian…

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Free beer!

It's no secret that Olympic athletes get showered with all sorts of freebies at the Olympic village. The endless free clothes and trainers are just the start: gold rings, watches worth hundreds of pounds and designer sunglasses have all been seen in the goodie bags handed out to competitors at recent games.

But free beer? Forgive us for saying, but alcohol just doesn't seem to go hand-in-hand with high-level achievement in hugely challenging, high-speed endeavours such as alpine skiing, bobsleigh or snowboarding.

Canadian athletes clearly know different, however, and they've been lining up to take advantage of a free beer fridge made available exclusively for Canucks competing in Sochi.

The fridge, which is sponsored by a Canadian brewer, has been installed at Canada's Olympic house in the Russian host city.

We've yet to hear if any old Canadian passport will grant access to the complimentary booze or if it has to be one belonging to a confirmed Olympian.

But if you happen to see any Canadian  competitors taking a wrong turn down the luge track, launching a curling stone into a neighbouring rink or figure skaters laughing hysterically when the collapse to the ice, you'll know exactly what's going on.

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