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Hilarious Norwegian Olympics advert pokes fun at Russia’s anti-gay laws

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Countries have found all sorts of ways to make their opposition to Russia's draconian anti-gay laws clear, but this is certainly the most amusing approach.

Norwegian sporting goods chain XXL has managed to get an advert go viral with their effort poking fun at Russia's approach to homosexuality.

In the commercial, male athletes from a vast array of different winter sports attempt to vie for a lady's attention in a variety of very creative, sport-influenced ways.

While the tall brunette struts through an airport, objects are thrown, jumps are made and any number of attention-seeking methods are employed - all in vain.

What ensues is an ending that no one will expect as the woman walks straight out of the airport and into an embrace with her female partner.

With a helicopter awaiting the pair, the pro-gay commercial highlights the partnership as both attractive and natural.

What do you make of the advert? Do you think it's a justified and humorous way of highlighting opposition to Russia's anti-gay laws or is it inappropriate and unhelpful? Post your views below...

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