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‘Loser keeps Bieber’ joke backfires on Americans

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An American company has been left red-faced after a high-stakes Olympic 'gamble' failed to pay off.

Ahead of the ice hockey semi-final between Canada and Team USA in Sochi, Chicago company Command Transportation chose to up the stakes rather alarmingly.

In bright lights on the electronic billboard attached to their building, Command confidently declared that whichever country lost the ice hockey match would have to 'keep' Justin Bieber.

The renegade pop star, who was recently arrested in Miami Beach for allegedly drinking under the influence, was born in Canada but has made America his second home while becoming one of the most famous faces on the planet.

But his early success, when he became a teen heartthrob to girls all over the globe, has given way to a more controversial period in his career, meaning the US were unwilling to lay claim to him, and were happy to leave Bieber to Canada.

However, Canada triumphed 1-0 in the ice hockey in Sochi, meaning Command had to eat humble pie in hilarious fashion...

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