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Olympian suffers embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

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The Sochi Winter Olympics Games have seen a number of costume-related mishaps, from the Russian speedskater who forgot she was naked under her suit to the Lebanese skier in trouble for getting out of hers.

Oh, and there was the Swedish freestyle skier who dropped his pants, and the US speedskating team who blamed their poor performances on some defective gear.

But now another Olympian has fallen victim to an embarrassing ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – the term first used to describe the events when Janet Jackson unwittingly revealed a breast at the Super Bowl in 2004.

The unlikely hero showing some flesh is Canadian bobsledder Christopher Spring.

Spring, who was born in Australia but chose to represent Canada after becoming hooked by bobsled when visiting the country on a one-year work visa, thought he'd try on his bobsled suit on Saturday, a day before competition began.

And it was lucky he did, as he promptly burst out of it, as you can see in the picture he posted which went viral on Twitter.

Presumably the Canadian team will be able to rustle up a suit that is more suitable for his frame before the competition gets underway on Sunday evening.

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