Did Federer get away with illegal shot on his way to win over Murray?


Our look at the most amazing shots of the day at the Australian Open kicks off with a controversial one: Roger Federer's lob a a crucial point in the third set, which opponent Andy Murray clearly thought might have been illegal.

The suggestion is that Federer scooped the ball with his racquet, rather than hitting it cleanly - which would be a violation of the rules.

Neither umpire nor line judges saw any cause for concern despite Murray's questioning looks, and Federer carried on as if nothing had happened.

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Roger Federer's contentious forehand lob

The replay suggests it was indeed a clean hit - though perhaps there was a hint of scoopiness about it, if you'll allow Tramlines the liberty of coining a new word for the occasion.

Not that it would have made the blindest bit of difference to the eventual result as Murray was simply outplayed by his 32-year-old opponent - and most of those fine shots were stunners such as these:

Not that Murray didn't have his own flashes of genius during the match as well:

There were plenty of other great shots on Wednesday in Melbourne, especially in world number one Rafa Nadal's quarter-final victory to earn a last-four match against Federer:

But Nadal's best shot came in a winner in what might just be the best point of the tournament so far:

While in the women's tournament, Agnieska Radwanska was also involved in a couple of incredible rallies in her match against Victoria Azarenka:

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