Djokovic thrills Melbourne crowd with funny Becker impersonation


Novak Djokovic offered his best impersonation of new coach Boris Becker both on and off the court in another flawless performance as he reached the quarter-finals of the Australian Open on Sunday.

The three-time defending champion crushed Italy's 15th seed Fabio Fognini of Italy 6-3 6-0 6-2 to book his place in the last eight without losing a set.

The Serb dropped just 10 points on his serve - Becker's speciality - in the entire match and Fognini was left to resort to joking around in the third set in an attempt to distract the second seed.

But the real fun came afterwards when the second-seeded Serb impersonated the service action, walk and mannerisms of Becker, as the German looked on from the stands.

"I saw his face reactions," Djokovic told reporters. "The first impression, when I did all the serves, he was happy and was applauding.

"When I said how he is today with his problems in the back and everything, he was not so happy about that. He was upset. But, no, it's all for good laughs.

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"It's actually the first time after a long time I've actually done Becker imitation. I don't know how I was. Was it OK?

"I'm going to gain few kilos and have to colour my hair in order to do the proper Becker imitation."

Well, 'was it OK?' You can post your thoughts below...

On to other pressing matters from Melbourne, and Ana Ivanovic stunned Serena Williams with an inspired display - also a fortunate one if this net cord is anything to go by.

Williams was not so happy after that stroke of misfortune, and it was not to be her day before she revealed at a press conference the extent of her back problems.

But that was not all from a bizarre day of action in Melbourne as 'The Pirate', Fabio Fognini, entertained and bemused with his clowning about at a changeover.

The Italian is not averse to wild gesticulations at the best of times, and he took things to a whole new level on this occasion.

Was he playing charades? No one was quite sure. But the poor court marshal was not left too amused by his 'banter', despite the swift charm offensive. Oh dear.

So here are our favourite moments from the day in Melbourne - all the best entertaining episodes, fantastic shots and rallies and the odd quirky antic on court.

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