Finally, a good reason for the ice bucket challenge: Ana Ivanovic


Just this morning, Tramlines was discussing with colleagues how tedious the ice bucket challenge craze has already become.

Sure, there's an element of doing good for charity - and it's still vaguely interesting when things go horribly wrong for clowns unable to wield bowls of water accurately.

But overall, we were heartily sick of the whole thing. Right up until the moment that our attention was drawn to the fact that Ana Ivanovic has taken up the challenge, posting the resulting clip on her Instagram page, and calling out Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Bastian Schweinsteiger to be up next.

Is it bad of us to be so easily persuaded by Ana that ice buckets do still have a future? Yes, probably. But hey, you clicked this article to take a look as well...

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