Is this the most incredible rally you have ever seen?


There are athletes, and then there are those special athletes that rise above even the professionals as the best out there.

LeBron James comes to mind, as does Adrian Peterson and even Tiger Woods, who have been able to take on countless amounts of pain, injury and struggle only to overcome it and triumph.

Number one Novak Djokovic and number two Rafael Nadal are playing in the championship of the US Open, and athleticism might be an understatement with these two.

Nadal cruised in the first set, and while the second set again started off slow for Djokovic, he had a chance to break Nadal for the first time all day and took full advantage on this ridiculous 54-shot point.

The point went to Djokovic who broke, only to get broke back in the next game by Nadal, only to follow that up with another break of his own.

He took the second set but was unable to hold on with Nadal winning 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 to claim his 13th career Grand Slam title.

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By Shane Bacon, Busted Racquet

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