Murray’s ‘getting married’ tweet sparks media frenzy


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Andy Murray and Kim Sears after he received his OBE in October (Reuters).

Andy Murray sparked a media frenzy when he revealed on Twitter that he plans to marry his long-term girlfriend Kim Sears after Wimbledon this year - only to confirm he was only joking.

Murray has long been coy about his marriage plans but seemed to let the cat out of the bag during a Q&A with fans on the social network site.

The Scot was surprisingly direct when asked by a fan when he planned to get married, responding with the answer: "we are getting married just after Wimbledon should be a great day."

The news sparked instant congratulations all around, with The Times respected tennis journalist Neil Harman one of the first to show a level of excitement.

The congratulations began flooding in, and the tabloids started to clear space on their front pages until people started to wonder if Murray, who has been accused of having 'no personality' in the past, was actually playing a practical joke on everybody and is not, in fact, getting married.

First his management team tried to clear up the issue.

Poor old Mr. Harman then admitted he had to cancel his order for his new shirt.

Before finally Murray himself nipped the non-story in the bud.

Certainly if Murray had been telling the truth, Kim might have been less than pleased that he used such a platform to announce the news.

As it stands, of course, he'll still have an awful lot of explaining to do to a girl who has been waiting for that ring on her finger for nearly a decade...

Murray decided to chat with his fans in celebration of him beating fellow British tennis star James Ward 8-1 at Pro Evolution Soccer on the Playstation.

Murray and Sears met in 2005, and apart from a few months apart in 2009, have been together ever since.

However, if reports are to be believed, the reason why Sears briefly spilt with Murray in 2009 was because he was 'obsessed' with playing his Playstation.

Murray even got fans to use the hashtag: #murray8ward1 – when asking him a question.

Back in 2009 he was still without a Grand Slam title but while he still seems to have remained a deft hand with the joypad, he certainly has improved on the court too with a US Open and Wimbledon title now to his name.

Let's just hope he still finds some time for his "maybe-maybe not" future wife too in between all these glorious tennis (and Playstation) victories!

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