Nadal-Djokovic: Magic moments from a French Open classic


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The word 'epic' might be horribly overused in tennis but the French Open semi-finals gave us a match worthy of the tag.

The showdown between seven-time champion Rafael Nadal and world number one Novak Djokovic lived up to the hype as a pulsating encounter was finally settled in the fifth set, the Spaniard winning 6-4 3-6 6-1 6-7(3) 9-7.

A match of high-drama featured a point penalty, a near tumble over the net and trick-shot mishaps as the two titans of the game traded blows.

Here is our pick of the magic moments from an unforgettable contest.

Nadal's superb forehand winner from deep

After winning the first set, Nadal produces an outrageous winner to keep the pressure firmly on Djokovic, even if he would go on to lose the second set.

Baseline rally

The first point of the third set saw both men exchange shots from the baseline for a prolonged rally before Nadal finished off his opponent with a scorching cross court effort.

Point of the day?

Djokovic draws in Nadal with a drop shot that clips the net, Nadal responds with a delicate shot of his own, Djokovic clips the net a second time when going cross court and then finishes off the point with another drop shot.

Djokovic takes the fourth set

The Serb reacts in typically bullish style when smashing a forehand winner to take the match to a fifth and final set.

Djokovic forfeits a point

A break up in the fifth set, Djokovic races into the net to slam a forehand volley away but accidentally touches the net to lose the point, much to his annoyance.

Djokovic's epic fail

After Nadal pulled off a through-the-legs shot, Djokovic had to convert the smash, didn't he?

The final game in full

Watch the entirety of the final game of an enthralling encounter that gave Nadal a place in the French Open final.

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