Novak Djokovic fries an egg on a court at the Australian Open


Novak Djokovic shows off his fried egg on the Australian Open court (@DjokerNole)

The blazing hot weather in Melbourne has dominated the headlines during the opening week of the Australian Open - and now defending champion Novak Djokovic has weighed in with a cheeky picture of an egg frying on the surface of one of the practice courts.

We're not entirely sure if the picture is for real - even internet know-it-alls disagree on whether it's possible or not - as scientists say surface temperatures have to reach an inhuamnly hot 70 celsius for an egg white to harden. While it's been hot Down Under, 45 degrees is as bad as its got - but some claim that the egg will cook anyway if the surface has got hot enough and the egg is left out for some time.

But whether Djokovic and his team fried the egg for real, or whether they just pinched a convincingly-half-cooked egg from the players' canteen, it still makes for a pretty awesome photo.

Djokovic isn't the first to try the trick at the Australian Open: a photographer pulled out a pan and a couple of eggs and attempted to fry them on the boiling court on Thursday.

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Lucky for us, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was in a spirited mood after his second round win over Thomaz Bellucci and snapped this picture of the photographer attempting to make some breakfast inside the Hisense Arena.

The roof was actually closed at Hisense because of the ridiculous heat in Melbourne, but that didn't stop this guy from showing us exactly how hot it is on court for some of these players.

Friday looks like the last day temperatures will reach triple digits, with a serious cold front blowing through Melbourne after that to help cool off the courts and help the players survive these nasty conditions.

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