‘Own worst enemy’ Serena hits herself in face with tennis racquet


Never one to shy away from publicity, Serena Williams has been attracting attention for her on-court mishaps as much as her tennis so far in Melbourne.

Not content with having to beat the rest of the world’s best players to lift the Daphne Akhurst trophy, Serena has also started to worry that she may be a danger to herself.

And with good reason.

Requiring a lengthy injury timeout on Tuesday after rolling her right ankle in just the third game of the opening set of her first round clash against Edina Gallovits-Hall, Serena was at it again on Thursday.

First she rolled her ankle for a second time, albeit less seriously, but then she smacked herself in the face with her racquet, splitting her lip and drawing blood.

In fact, she hit herself so hard, it even left Serena checking she still had all her teeth in place.

“I just busted it, busted it wide open,” Serena said in her post match press conference. “That’s so inappropriate.

“I think it happens to everyone, but I have never busted it wide open like that. I was like ‘Oh, no. I can’t have a tooth fall out.’ That would be horrible.

“I don’t know why my racquet was even in my face. I mean, it’s like I have been playing tennis far too long to hit myself.

“I think I was hitting a forehand. And I’m like ‘come on. Serena, pull yourself together here’.

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Serena Williams

Looking on the bright side though, Serena continued: “It’s okay. It’s a war wound.

“I thought if it's swollen, at least I'll get super-sexy lips, right?"


The embarrassment seemed to have kicked in for Serena a couple of hours after her match when she took to Twitter to share his discomfort at the injury. (Bonus points for the use of the word "kisser")

“My lip hurts lol. Can’t believe I smacked myself right in the kisser! #clumsysmurf #dummysmurf #MyOwnWorstEnemySmurf”


Finally, let's just pause a moment to admire the sartorial style of Roger Federer.

Tramlines doesn't think anything more needs to be said about these shoes. Make up your own mind. (They do provide a nice change from yellow, at the very least).

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Roger Federer

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