Tennis player’s gesture after loss will make you smile


Dudi Sela really wants a hug... by mineyann

Losing in professional sport is no laughing matter, this we are repeatedly told. Yet when a player does find the funny side of a defeat, it's extremely refreshing.

Israeli tennis pro Dudi Sela is clearly a man who enjoys physical affection, particularly a good old cuddle after a loss. Tramlines can understand this.

But he was faced with a problem as he sought an embrace from gigantic 6ft 11in Ivo Karlovic at the net after their match at the Claro Open in Colombia.

At just 5ft 9in, Sela was not in much of a position to lock into the kind of hug that he was after - but a simple handshake was simply not a compromise that he could accept.

So what did he have to do to facilitate the hug?

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Why, go and steal (sorry, borrow) a chair from one of the line judges, of course.

Having grabbed a chair, Sela was then able to position it just in front of the net, enabling him to reach the huge Karlovic.

The embrace was touching and provided a wonderful light-hearted moment at the end of a second-round match which did not go Sela's way.

Tramlines would like to see more of this after competitive tennis matches on tour. After all, handshakes are so cold.

As is no doubt Sela's life motto, 'Height should be no obstacle to a good hug'.

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