What a moment! Djokovic invites young girl to sing at US Open


Novak Djokovic made one little girl's day and left others touched as she sang during his US Open press conference at Flushing Meadows.

Djokovic dismissed American Sam Querrey 6-3, 6-2, 6-2 in a routine win, but it was the press conference that followed that will be more fondly remembered.

Djokovic talked of music and poetry when he was asked if there were any particular classroom experiences that impacted his childhood development. 

What then ensued was simply wonderful, and very surprising.

What happened next? A nine-year-old family friend ending up singing in front of bemused but delighted journalists.

"As we talked about music a little bit, if you don't mind, you know, this is a first-time experience for my dear friend Zia," he said.

"If I may invite her to come here next to me, and if one of you can ask a question," he added as he motioned for Zia Uehling to come forward.

"She's a musician. She's nine years old and she has written how many songs so far?"

"I have five that are like ready, and I have about two books that I'm working on right now," the girl answered, standing next to the seated Djokovic. 

"She's a prodigy, a future star, and this is a very valuable expereince for her. So please do ask one question," he prodded the media.

"What instrument do you play?" a reporter asked. She replied that she plays guitar. Another asked "Are you writing the music and the lyrics?" She is. 

"Can you sing a song for us?"

"Sure, I will sing an original song I wrote called African Sun. I wrote this song to give hope to the children in Africa," she explained. "I never really play without my guitar, so I'll give it a try."

The press conference really was one that no one will quickly forget.

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