Bad hair day – Wozniacki’s hair causes her major problem in match


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Caroline Wozniacki suffered what turned out to be a bad hair day at the US Open but she still beat Aliaksandra Sasnovich 6-3 6-4 in spite of her ponytail frustrations.

Wozniacki's blonde hair got trapped in the frame of her tennis racquet in a bizarre rally which ended up in entertaining but annoying fashion for the Danish star.

The incident happened as the former world number one chased down a shot from her Belarussian opponent.

As the Dane went into her backswing, her braided hair became tangled in the racquet.

Still, she took it all in good humour after being jokingly mocked on social media and recalled her previous struggles with her hair affecting her game.

“It used to happen when I didn’t braid my hair," she told ESPN.

"That’s why I started braiding it. Once it gets to a certain length sometimes it can get stuck in the arm or the racquet.

"It’s a first, you know, when it’s braided that it’s been stuck that good in my racquet,” said the 2009 finalist.

"I still tried to hit the ball. Almost took my head off."

It was a humorous moment in the match for Wozniacki, but fortunately her hair did not ruin her day entirely and she came through unscathed.

The big question remains: how will she now style her hair for the remainder of the season?


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