Young boy ‘proposes’ to Djokovic, settles for practice session


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Novak Djokovic shares a heartwarming moment with a young fan (screengrab via YouTube)

Novak Djokovic was in the midst of a routine US Open practice session on Sunday when a boy in the stands interrupted with what had to be the last question the Serbian tennis star expected to hear.

"Djokovic, will you marry me?" the boy jokingly shouted.

A marriage proposal from a male voice caught Djokovic by surprise enough that he peered into the stands to see if he could determine the source. The boy then ran down the steps to the railing along the court, which elicited a chuckle from both Djokovic and the rest of the crowd that had gathered.

Djokovic could have easily ended the moment there and returned to his practice session, but what he did instead shows why he's among the more beloved players in men's tennis. Ever the showman, Djokovic invited the young fan onto the court, handed him a racquet and allowed him to take a few serves.

Sceptics on the internet are already claiming the moment was staged, and perhaps it was considering the video quality and camera work seems a little too perfect. Regardless, this is still a heartwarming moment.

At best, it's an example of the spontaneity and generosity of a man who has won five Grand Slams at age 25. At worst, it's a publicity stunt that still enabled a young fan to meet his idol on one of the world's most famous courts.

The joy the boy showed at having that opportunity is something that can't be faked.

Jeff Eisenberg, Yahoo! Sports

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