How not to do the high jump


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In this week's WATTS watch:

- Czech Republic's Zuzana Hajkova demonstrates how not to do the
high jump while competing in Paris.

- Lukas Podolski rounds off a wonder goal from Cologne which
involves a series of audacious flicks.

- Jouni Pellinen of Finland celebrates victory in Meiringen, Switzerland
with a spot of jubilant crowd surfing.

- A pair of female spectators showcase some unique and
enterprising dance moves in the stands while watching the World Championship
ski jumping in Oslo, Norway.

- A spectator at the same ski jumping event receives a giant
snowball to the face.

- A group of male fans dressed as nuns sip alcoholic beverages
in the stands of the Bundesliga match between Hoffenheim and Borussia

- And goalkeeper Frank Rost of Hamburg collides with his goal
post after making a fine save.



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