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  • Gray Matter: Sauber struggles a glimpse of future

    After their scintillating pre-season
    pace proved to be a fix to attract sponsors, Sauber is facing up to reality
    without BMW - but is their plight a sign of things to come for the sport's

    Sauber's performance so far this season
    suggests BMW quit the sport at the right time. After separating from Williams
    to go their own way with Sauber they never achieved the lofty ambitions they
    set themselves and the car that has now become the C29 had already received
    major BMW investment in its early development. If results are anything to go
    by, staying would have been simply throwing in

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  • Tech Talk: Ferrari’s reliability race

    First it was Red Bull, and then it was Ferrari. This year's championship battle has so far been driven not by success but by failure - and the key to the title will be winning the reliability battle early...

    Last year's world champion Jenson Button only failed to finish once in the entire 17-race season - and that was due to a collision. In total, his Brawn team only missed the points three times, with just one mechanical retirement, a gearbox failure on Rubens Barrichello's car.

    In contrast, reliability issues are abundant this year, with the two pace-setting teams, Ferrari and Red Bull, both

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  • Gray Matter: Will Raikkonen return?

    Kimi Raikkonen will be looking forward to a new challenge as he takes a sabbatical to join the World Rally circuit in 2010 - but is this really a year away or will it be the end of the Finn's F1 career?

    Sabbaticals are rare but not non-existent in Formula One and notable names such as Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and Niki Lauda have all taken time off then returned to the fold. Michael Schumacher would have come back with Ferrari this year too had he not been injured.

    Each of the drivers mentioned above, however, remained highly rated when they left the scene, but Raikkonen is leaving F1 with a

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  • Gray Matter: Red Bull’s Malaysian must-win

    After just two races the season is still settling into a pattern - but the Malaysian Grand Prix will be crucial for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull if they want to stay in the long-term title fight.

    It is often said that a fast start to the Formula One season is crucial for a team or driver wanting to secure the championship - a case of get the points in the bag early, build a cushion and defend.

    It worked last year with Button and Brawn, it worked with Alonso at Renault and it worked countless times with Schumacher at Ferrari. And it should be working this season with Vettel and Red Bull —

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  • Tech Talk: McLaren gamble an unlucky disaster

    Lewis Hamilton was left fuming after his double pit stop in Australia last weekend cost him a potential second-place finish - but was the strategy flawed or was the team just unlucky it didn't work out?

    It could so easily have been a red-faced Jenson Button facing the media in Australia after his early tactical gamble - but while he ended up celebrating a race win his team-mate Hamilton had some tough questions to answer when a second gamble failed to pay out for the team.

    Button's tactical masterstroke catapulted him into the lead thanks to an early stop for dry tyres coupled with the early

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  • Gray Matter: What will Schumi do next…?

    Michael Schumacher was beaten hands-down by team-mate Nico Rosberg on his return to F1 in Bahrain - but how is he really performing and how long will it take him to get back on the pace?

    Seven-times champion Schumacher's return to the F1 grid was like Shane Warne returning to cricket, creating the hype and then failing to get a single wicket. In Schumacher's case, he got the F1 equivalent of a duck as he failed to better Rosberg in any pre-race session then finished behind the younger German in the race itself.

    So what will Schumacher do to rectify the situation?

    Well, firstly, it is important

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  • Gray Matter: Pick your champion

    One of the most intriguing F1 seasons in recent history is about to begin — but with testing results leaving more questions than answers, what stats can tell us who will win the driver's title in 2010?

    This year's winter testing was odd. On the one hand, it finished with most people claiming it was too difficult to predict what was going on, and on the other it had most people saying Fernando Alonso looks a strong bet to take the title.

    So how does that work?

    Well, it's the start of the season, so you've got to have a stab in the dark, and despite the fog over the timesheets in Spain (due to

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  • Gray Matter: Can Alonso be Ferrari’s new golden boy?

    The launch of Ferrari's new F10 machine marks the long-awaited arrival of two-times world champion Fernando Alonso in the Maranello stable - but can the Spaniard become the team's new favourite son?

    The departure of Michael Schumacher to Mercedes has, in fact, done Alonso a favour.

    Ever since his original retirement, Schumacher had been a regular in the Italian outfit's pit and paddock, offering his advice and guidance to the team and its drivers, talking race tactics and laying down his glowing aura of authority throughout the team.

    Felipe Massa, once German Schumacher's occasionally

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  • Gray Matter: Can Schumacher cut it?

    The F1 world is buzzing now Michael Schumacher has decided to strut back into the sport - but with the odds split over whether he will rise or fall, which way is his comeback going to go?

    Schumacher was desperate to do this. Although he's been out of the professional cockpit for several years, his mind has never stepped away from it.

    As soon as there was a possibility to get back in a Ferrari last year, he tried to jump at it. When he failed, he was devastated. When a second chance appeared, with Mercedes, he started talking - and once confirmed fit he grasped the chance with both hands.


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  • Tech Talk: Avoiding F1′s wooden spoon

    While the race for victory in Bahrain may have been a bore, there was plenty of intrigue at the back of the grid - but were the new teams a success or a disaster and who will come out on top in the end?

    To be fair, they didn't have much time to get ready. Bahrain took place just six months after the go-ahead was given for Lotus, Virgin and Campos (which ultimately became HRT) to enter, but as expected they were all at the back for the opening race.

    The technical approaches taken by each team, however, are each dramatically different, and after an initial first report, it will be interesting to

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