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  • Interlagos – Turn 12

    This weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix will provide teams with a real test - and while those with the best balance and traction should triumph at Interlagos there's one corner that could make the vital difference.

    The anti-clockwise circuit, which despite efforts to improve the track surface is still much more bumpy than other circuits on the calendar, offers dramatically different challenges sector by sector, the first and third parts of the lap fast sections that demand low downforce and good high-speed stability while the central section is exactly the opposite, requiring much more grip to

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  • Technical Talk – McLaren on a mission

    The World Champion is back on the pace and McLaren are moving on up. But how did they get back on the right track?

    Lewis Hamilton proved at the Nurburgring that all his McLaren team's hard work back at their Woking factory was well worth the effort with two practice topping sessions and a fifth place grid spot — even if his own hard work was thrown away in a feisty start that dropped him to the back of the field in the race itself.

    The German Grand Prix came just three weeks after a frown-forming performance at Silverstone that typified McLaren's season so far, but a raft of new parts for

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  • Gray Matter: 2009 Formula One review

    Greatest race of 2009: Brazilian Grand Prix

    Oh, so many. This year saw some excellent races, from the dramatic downpour in Malaysia to Mark Webber overcoming a drive-thru penalty to win in Germany - but Brazil was the ultimate stand-out.

    Set up on the preceding day, when a storm hit qualifying, the enticing grid had Rubens Barrichello (the only driver who could catch Brawn team-mate Jenson Button for the title) on pole and Button down in 14th. Webber lined up second in the Red Bull with team-mate Sebastian Vettel 16th while Lewis Hamilton was only just off the back. The mixed-up field made for

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  • Gray Matter: Will Schumacher join Mercedes?

    The dream of uniting Michael Schumacher and Mercedes refuses to die after Norbert Haug failed to deny the link earlier this week - but is there actually anything to suggest it could really happen?

    Those at the forefront of Formula One - namely Bernie Ecclestone and new FIA president Jean Todt - certainly have an affection for Schumacher and both understand the promotional potential of having him back in the series.

    During Schumacher's aborted comeback earlier this year, Ecclestone admitted he would "like to see him stay for a lot of seasons".

    Meanwhile Todt, who spent much of his F1 career

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  • Technical Talk: How tyres could change F1 in 2010

    This season several races were turned on their heads as extreme tyre wear added another dimension to race strategy - but changes to designs for 2010 could provide F1 engineers with another tyre challenge.

    This year's switch back to slick tyres, for the first time in 11 years, proved testing for Formula One's sole tyre supplier as the non-tread designs require a completely different philosophy.

    With grooved tyres, a harder compound is needed because there is more movement in the tyre, whereas with the more solid contact patch of a slick tyre there is less movement so compounds could be

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  • Technical Talk: How will Button cope without ‘Shove’?

    Brawn GP
    has confirmed that race engineer Andrew Shovlin (pictured, on the left) will not be following Jenson
    Button to McLaren - so how will the loss of such a long-term partner affect the
    Briton's chances of success in 2010?

    has worked with Shovlin for seven years, going through reams of race and test
    session data to find the performance improvements needed to make the best of
    whatever car they were given.

    years with poor equipment, they got the car they needed to compete at the front
    in 2009 and beat Rubens Barrichello and his engineers to win the title.

    race driver will

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  • Technical Talk: Why KERS can be key at Monza

    As Formula One heads to one of the lowest downforce tracks on the calendar for this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, the teams with KERS look set to enjoy a distinct advantage.

    The closely-grouped field this season has created major variations in the relative performance race by race, with the comparative importance of KERS, downforce efficiency and tyre performance having a major part to play in the positioning of each team on the grid and in the race running order at each event.

    The Spa-Francorchamps circuit was a relatively low downforce track - the first of the season - which allowed teams

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  • Technical Talk: Finely balanced

    wear has been a big talking point at every race so far this season - and this
    weekend will see Red Bull hoping to learn more about a new lay-out design
    that aims to get to grips with it.

    The temperature has had a significant effect on the way
    each different design works its tyres this year and so far, with most races
    run in warmer temperatures, much of Brawn's
    success has been down to their car's
    ability to protect its tyres from going off in the heat.

    At Silverstone, the cool temperatures helped Red Bull take
    control, but so far warm temperatures have put Brawn out in

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  • Gray Matter: Raikkonen holds the keys

    So Fernando Alonso will not be going to Ferrari next year. Or will

    It's the silly
    season again, the time when drivers are rumoured to be headed in new directions
    for 2010 and each has to dispel stories and suggestions using cunning words
    that ensure they are not lying but perhaps may not be entirely telling the
    truth either.

    Alonso to Ferrari was the latest rumour in the
    paddock ahead of this weekend's
    German Grand Prix and sure enough the Spaniard denied that he is in talks with
    Ferrari and denied he has signed a contract - but when he is talking to a group
    of journalists in Renault's

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  • Gray Matter – Battle of the big mouths

    Some big announcements from F1's most active new boys Virgin Racing and Lotus F1 have set tongues wagging recently - but what are they really bringing to the table?

    While USF1 and Campos Meta continued to get on with things quietly, the other two newcomers saw a big fanfare of publicity with team launches, new logos and driver line-up announcements this week, coupled with a range of promises, hopes and warnings.

    The Lotus line-up of Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen shows they are taking things very seriously - two race winners is more, even, than world champions Brawn GP will have in their

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