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20% of babies born in Bolivian city are named after Neymar

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21-year-old Brazilian prodigy Neymar has not quite yet become an established superstar in Europe, but judging from his fame in South America, it could be quite something when he does.

In the Bolivian city of La Paz two in every ten children born are reportedly being named after him.

Local paper La Razon makes the claim, and adds that the trend is only expected to increase, until the majority of men are named after him.

"We believe that in 17 years most adult males will be called Neymar because that is the current trend," said civil registry office representative Remigio Condori, as reported in Sambafoot, "It is the name in fashion right now."

Condori's prediction, while extraordinary, does seem optimistic.

But whether right or wrong, there is one person who hasn't succumbed to this latest fad, calling his son Davi Lucca instead.

And that man is called Neymar.

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