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5 crazy things: Baby a big fan, McIlroy saves the day, Suarez finally leaves

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1) BABY BECOMES YOUNGEST SEASON-TICKET HOLDER - Four-month old baby joins family's ranks as loyal fans

Emily Giles may be just four months old, but that did not stop her - well, okay, her family - getting a season ticket at local club Cambridge United.

Yes, not the big 'glory fan' clubs for little Emily, as she joined her family by being signed up to watch the U's play in League Two, courtesy of her auntie, Amy.

"Me, her Nana and her great-grandad have all been big supporters and we thought we would get Emily started at an early age," Ms Wells was reported as saying by the local Cambridge press.

"We were filling out our forms for the season and we thought we should fill one out for Emily as well." Just look at her pride at being a member!

- - -

2) MCILROY SAVES THE DAY BY CATCHING TROPHY - Star golfer wins another Major, even spares official's blushes

He had one job to do. Well, the poor official who almost got himself into real trouble by juggling the PGA Championship trophy before handing it over to champion Rory McIlroy saw his blushes spared by the star.

McIlroy showed incredible reflexes to stoop down low and grab the lid of the trophy just inches above the ground as it dropped towards the turf.

He really does have some talent, that boy!

- - -

3) OUCHEE! - England star Stuart Broad reveals nasty injury after stitches

It's tough being a top cricketer, or so we are repeatedly told by Geoffrey Boycott about 'back in my day' on BBC radio.

Well, it seems to still be a pretty rough old game, as evidenced by Stuart Broad revealing his injuries on Twitter - as you do. It came after he was struck between the grille and the lid of his helmet by a bouncer from Varun Aaron.

The England all-rounder reported that he was a "little bit sore this morning", which we assume was due to the stitches, rather than a blazing hangover.

- - -

4) SUAREZ FINALLY LEAVES ANFIELD - At last, Suarez's picture is removed from Liverpool's ground

It only took several months. Yes, a very long time after Luis Suarez ditched Liverpool to join Barcelona, the club have finally got over it, seemingly.

The Merseyside club belatedly had Suarez's image removed from the side of the stand, just above the entrance to the famous 'Boot Room'.

Indeed, Suarez's unceremonious exit paves the way for Simon Mignolet to fit perfectly into the space vacated alongside captain Steven Gerrard.

- - -

5) NOW, THAT'S VERY, VERY CHEEKY - United get one over on City with cheeky Manchester poster

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United get one over on City with cheeky Manchester poster

Who could forget the infamous 'Welcome to Manchester' banner that Manchester City hung outside Piccadilly Station to welcome the signing of Carlos Tevez, following his spell at rivals United, in the summer of 2009?

Not Tevez himself, who had a copy stuck up in his home, and certainly not Sir Alex Ferguson, who lamented the arrogance of his "noisy neighbours" as they sought to lord it over the city's established power.

But now, five years on, United have their revenge, with a Louis van Gaal-themed 'Welcome to Vanchester' poster appearing on a wall near the Manchester's main train station.


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