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5 crazy things: Girl’s gaffe wins her big bet, Inbetweeners Jay for Prem job

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1) 'OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD' - Girl's gaffe with bet ends up being a huge win

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Sometimes bets are placed by accident, either leading to sensational fortune and a big win, or horrid luck and a heavy loss. This was a case of the former.

Holly Griffiths did not spend any money as she put a £2.50 free bet on Manchester United to beat MK Dons 4-0 in the League Cup. It seemed a very wise gamble with the Premier League giants taking on a League One side.

But what happened next left her stunned: she had accidentally bet on MK Dons to win 4-0 instead of United. Her horror quickly turned to delight though as it ended up being the shock final score - at odds of a staggering 500/1.

Griffiths tweeted the following delirious response, along with a picture of her winning betting slip on Twitter:

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2) JAY FROM INBETWEENERS APPLIES FOR PREMIER LEAGUE JOB - Inbetweeners hero Jay applies for Palace vacancy

Football Manager, as everyone knows, provides the perfect experience and grounding in professional management. So it would come as a surprise to the Inbetweeners ultimate optimist Jay Cartwright (as played by James Buckley) if he didn't land the Crystal Palace job.

Palace have been without a manager since Tony Pulis acrimoniously departed the London club, but their problems could be over with Jay having released his application form via actor Buckley's Twitter page.

"Spent a year in a balloon with Richard Branson and he taught me everything about making money and managing people etc," it read.

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Buckley plays Jay in the Inbetweeners

Buckley plays Jay in the Inbetweeners

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3) KRAMER NUTMEGS TEAM-MATE IN TRAINING - World Cup star’s unbelievable nutmeg showboat

Most people hadn’t heard of Germany’s rising star Christoph Kramer prior to the World Cup, but now he’s so brimming with confidence that he tries things on the training ground that are absolutely outrageous.

Here, the midfielder pulls off a quite incredible 20-yard nutmeg on an unsuspecting team-mate who was busy stretching during a training session.

Have some of that!

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4) DID HE MEAN THIS OR DID HE NOT? - Shane Long's outrageous 'dummy' debated

So this is what £12 million buys you, then?

Shane Long has already missed an absolute howler this season at the Kop End for Southampton against Liverpool, but he may have redeemed himself with this piece of skill.

But was it really intentional or an accident? We'll leave it to you to decide after watching the video...

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5) WHOA, DON'T DROP IT! - Totti receives plaque, promptly floors it

Francesco Totti is a magnificent footballer but his skills when it comes to receiving gifts are not entirely distinguished.

Roma took on AEK Athens in a friendly, before which Totti was presented with a commemorative plaque. It was a nice gesture, but things then went wrong.

The plaque fell out of the box and went crashing to the floor with the 37-year-old left looking pretty embarrassed. Whoops.


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