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5 crazy things: Hand of God strikes again, Ronda Rousey’s unexpected obsession

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1) Hand of God strikes again (just not on the pitch)

Diego Maradona is no stranger to conflicts with reporters, and the former Argentina star has once again been involved in another scuffle.

The World Cup winner has made the headlines in his home country after he was followed and surrounded by a pack of journalists following his visit to the theatre on Saturday.

According to Argentine news outlet El Comercio, Maradona engaged in a verbal battle with the reporters after appearing seemingly unhappy at being followed.

The former Barcelona, Napoli and Boca Juniors star then exited his car to confront a journalist face to face. “What is it, fool? Why mess with my wife if I do not mess with you?” Maradona questioned before slapping the reporter and driving off.

The journalist does not even get the joy of saying he was hit with the same hand that scored the infamous goal against England at the 1986 World Cup, that goal was with his left hand, the slap was with his right.


2) Cancer survivor makes boxing history with world title win

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Just over three years ago Brooklyn’s Danny Jacobs was left fighting for his life following the diagnosis of an aggressive form of cancer called ostersarcoma.

Last night however, he was fighting an opponent of a different nature and for an entirely different reason: Australia’s Jarrod Fletcher for the vacant WBA middleweight title.

'Miracle man' Jacobs’ illness meant that he had partial paralysis in his legs, but the New Yorker’s persistence to continue his boxing career saw him rewarded with a chance to claim the vacant belt. And it was a chance that he grabbed with both hands.

In front of a 7,000-strong crowd inside the Barclays Center, Jacobs put on a masterclass, displaying power, precision and speed to pummel his 30-year-old opponent.



3) Did Liverpool forget Luis Suarez has joined Barcelona?

It’s been almost a month since Luis Suarez departed Merseyside for Catalunya, but, according to a banner at Anfield, it appears that certain staff members at Liverpool still think the Uruguayan is on their books.

Ahead of the Premier League side’s pre-season friendly against Borussia Dortmund at Anfield, an advertising banner was brandished on the outside of The Kop stand showing Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Philippe Coutinho all wearing the latest home strip.



4) Klopp taps the 'Welcome to Anfield' sign

Jurgen Klopp has always seemed like a class act and he showed that he respects the traditions at Liverpool by tapping the famous 'Welcome To Anfield' sign before Borussia Dortmund's pre-season friendly with Liverpool.

We wonder if he still had as much love for the Reds after seeing his team get spanked 4-0.


5) The world's meanest, toughest woman's big obsession….is Pokémon

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UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is one of the most lucrative female athletes in the world (she's even in the latest Expendables movie with Mr Stallone and co...) and it is frankly scary to watch just how devastatingly brutal she can be in the octagon.

Therefore it is perhaps surprising to learn that she holds such a geeky hobby.

When randomly asked by Tommy Toe Hold what Pokémon character she would be, she gave a far more detailed answer than anybody could expect.

"(I would be) Mew. Mew is the originator of all the other Pokémons ... Mew is the original one and [all the other Pokémon] came from that one. And, you couldn't catch Mew in the original game. You had to use the lavender town.

"I actually went to the mall for those Pokémon events, those little tournaments to get me a Mew. I wanted Mew so bad. I waited in line with all the other nerds for hours. I wanted to get me a Mew, and a Mew certificate of authenticity that I taped to my wall."

So Ronda Rousey is a geeky nerd? Who would have known? Mind you, we won't be calling her that to her face.

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