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5 crazy things: Hazard spoof fools internet, Ronaldinho’s amazing shirt collection

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The world of sport throws up a lot of stories every day - funny, shocking, bizarre and amazing. But you don't read them all. You can't. You don't have time.

That's where we come in: each day, World of Sport brings you the pick of the stories that you might have missed from the last day or two. Here's today's choice.

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1) Hazard spoof fools the internet

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Much was made recently of an EU ruling that gave people the "right to be forgotten" on search engine sites such as Google, if a user requested links about them be removed.

Well a Belgian website called L'Avenir thought this was perfect ammunition for a satire article, suggesting Eden Hazard had asked for all references to his disappointing World Cup performance against Argentina to be removed, including anyone who gave him a rating of 4/10 or less or referred to him as a 'World Cup flop'.

Unfortunately, lots of people in the English-speaking world failed to notice the 'Fake-Similé' sub heading on the article. Hazard got stick on social media and even some media outlets published the story.

It would not be the first time English-speaking journalists have been duped by a spoof article in French. The Times was forced into an embarrassing climbdown after they were fed a story about the "Qatari Dream League", which turned out to be from a satirical magazine.

We can imagine the boys and girls in the L'Avenir newsroom are still laughing about the whole thing.


2) Tiger Woods walks away from at least $8 million

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Last week Tiger Woods said he was taking a few months off golf to fully recover from injury but when Tiger walks away from golf that means he loses money… a lot of money.

Forget about prize winnings, by taking a sabbatical, Woods loses out on $8m that he would have made simply by turning up at three events.

According to our friends at Yahoo! Sports: Woods was scheduled to play in the America’s Golf Cup in Argentina, for which he would have received about $4 million, and at least two corporate events in Asia, for which he generally makes about $2 million per appearance.

Ouch! You will perhaps feel less sympathetic towards him when you learn that his estimated net worth is $550m


3) Ronaldinho shows off amazing shirt collection

Ronaldinho is currently looking for a new club after leaving Atletico Mineiro but a tweet he sent out just illustrates the great career he has already had.

"My history in one photo" he wrote about the collection that actually belongs to Giovanny Tocohua.


4) Wilshere's cheeky birthday message to Oxlade-Chamberlain

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Jack Wilshere celebrated Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain's 21st birthday on Instagram in brilliant comic style – by posting a picture of Kieran Gibbs.

The joke was a clear reference to events at Stamford Bridge last season when Gibbs was shown a red card in a case of mistaken identity during Arsenal's 6-0 thrashing at Chelsea by referee Andre Marriner, instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain - who had committed the handball in the six-yard box.


5) Fan puts Newcastle shirts up for sale after changing allegiance to Manchester City

We started with a spoof article and we REALLY hope this one from the Newcastle Chronicle is a similar situation.

The fan in question is called 'Edward Shirt' which makes us hope this is all a wind-up by Chronicle.

The report claims that Edward switched allegiances on his 13th birthday because his brother and his dad support City and he wants to go to games with them.

Obviously it has nothing to do with City winning the league last year then.

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