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5 crazy things you missed: Outrageously sexist poster, baseball star ‘decapitated cat’

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The world of sport throws up a lot of stories every day - funny, shocking, bizarre and amazing. But you don't read them all. You can't. You don't have time.

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1) Outrageous sexist poster advertises women's football tournament

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One Spanish municipality has caused a storm after a poster depicting a scantily clad woman controlling a football was used to advertise a women’s tournament.

Organisers for the event in Torrenueva, a small district in Granada, claimed it is the sixth year running they have used the image and insisted the players have never felt offended.

But a Spanish minister labelled the poster “sexist” adding that it was “bait… which does no favour to anyone” and reinforced gender stereotypes, according to reports.

Rather than issue a hasty apology and revert to sensible advertising methods, tournament organisers have announced they have no intention to remove the poster.

The furore rumbles on…

2) Legendary baseball superstar 'decapitated girlfriend's cat'

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Yes, really. Or at least according to a former team-mate of baseball legend Kevin Mitchell.

The widespread urban legend, brought to light by Doc Gooden’s 1999 book ‘Heat’, states that Mitchell decapitated his girlfriend’s cat during a row – something the two-time All-Star strenuously denies.

But another ex-Mets team-mate Darryl Strawberry has now claimed in an interview with Huffington Post Live that the story was true.

“Kevin Mitchell did do that. Kevin Mitchell, he’s a different type of guy. Great guy. Super teammate. Great person — (but) he was from San Diego and he was affiliated with gangs quite a bit, and I guess he figured his girlfriend was acting a little crazy so he thought, ‘I’ll kill her cat.’ ”

3) Why are Bolt and Balotelli in a hot tub with these girls?

Mischievous duo Usain Bolt and Mario Balotelli have landed star roles in a new advert which promotes unruliness.

The Puma commercial begins with a shot of the world’s fastest man relaxing in a hot tub before he announces: “Calling all troublemakers.”

A host of other names - including women's world player of the year Marta Vieira da Silva and golfer Lexi Thompson in equivalent poses – feature in the new advert named #ForeverFaster.

But why the hot tubs? Well, we think the answer is probably rather obvious…

4) New basketball star slapped with bizarre contract clause

Jordan Adams is a huge talent, but his reputation for laziness has meant that his huge deal has a big string attached – keep his body fat percentage below a certain level, or he loses out.

The Memphis Grizzles made the UCLA guard the 22nd pick in June’s draft, but still decided to take steps to ensure Adams maximised his potential.

5) Real Madrid star finally finds way to upstage Cristiano Ronaldo

Thought Cristiano Ronaldo was Real Madrid’s coolest player? Think again.

Spanish full-back Alvaro Arbeloa rocked up at training at Valdebebas in a Morgan 3 Wheeler – an old-fashioned car that has been tinkered to appear like a shark.

Superb set of wheels.

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