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5 crazy things: Old Traddord, Savage gets a trim and Prince Harry the joker

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Often some of the funniest, most interesting and quirky moments in sport go almost unnoticed, rarely featured in reports or blog posts.

So here are five ridiculous things you may not have already seen or heard about from the last few days.

Did you see anything particularly noteworthy that passed off without mention?

Feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments section below...

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Americans don’t know where Man Utd play their home games

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If Manchester United were hoping their tour of the United States would improve their brand recognition in the key American market, they might be disappointed this morning.

Because on Tuesday night, at FedEx Field for their pre-season friendly against Inter, it seems those responsible for operating the scoreboard were not too knowledgeable about England's most famous club.

Prior to kick-off in Maryland near Washington D.C., the locals were being treated to some information on their esteemed guests from the Premier League.

And those looking to learn more about United discovered where they play their home games: Old Traddord, apparently.

Still, it wasn't the only mistake to mar the coverage of United's 5-3 win on penalties, which followed a 0-0 draw.

Even Manchester United's own MUTV channel were at it, getting their team graphic horribly wrong.

Apparently, Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney have reprised the plot of Face/Off this summer, while quite how they mistook Luke Shaw for Antonio Valencia, we'll never know.

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Savage cuts his barnet

Robbie Savage has done the unthinkable – and no we do not mean improve his punditry, erm, game.

He has trimmed his famous luscious locks.

That is right. The former Leicester City hardman with the incongruous hair has gone for the swept back look favoured by David Beckham et al.

We think it is an improvement but what do you make of his new style?

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Prince Harry once again shows his jovial side

Prince Harry is renowned for being a bit of a joker and that side to his character was once again in full view at the Commonwealth Games.

As a couple of New Zealand officials prepared to take a photo Harry saw his opportunity and gave a thumbs up and a goofy smile.

The picture in question can be seen below.

Of course, his family have form for this – with Queen Elizabeth II already snapped 'photobombing' a picture at the Commonwealth Games:

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Huge teen sensation on NBA’s radar

Robert Bobroczky, 13, has apparently been receiving admiring glances from across the pond.

To be fair, it is not hard to see why; Bobroczky is 7'4" tall.

Obviously that height advantage has made him a phenomenon in Romania where, as the below video shows, he has quite the aptitude for basketball.

Would his talent transfer to the NBA? Well, only time will tell.

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Lisicki sets new world record serve in women's tennis

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Sabine Lisicki entered the tennis history books on Tuesday night as she hit the fastest ever serve in the professional women's game.

The German slammed down a serve at 131mph (210.8kph) in her first-round match against Ana Ivanovic in Stanford, California.

Serbia's Ivanovic got her racquet to the ball to prevent it being an ace, but Lisicki still enjoyed the distinction of beating Venus Williams' record of 129mph, set at the 2007 US Open.

However, she did go on to lose her match 6-7(2) 1-6.

Lisicki's mark is still some way off the men's record, which remains the 163.7 mph rocket hit by Australian Sam Groth at an ATP Challenger event in Busan, South Korea in May 2012.

He too lost the match.


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