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5 crazy things: Star’s bizarre shirt swap with fan, Rihanna to buy Liverpool?

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1) STAR'S BIZARRE SHIRT SWAP WITH STUNNED FAN - American football star Clint Dempsey makes a fan's day with a very surprising trade

Clint Dempsey's shirt trade with fan... by mineyann

It's hard to decide who was more excited: the little boy who received Dempsey's shirt or his mum, who was left both stunned and delighted.

The former Fulham star is a huge fan favourite back in the USA and he was more than happy to give this little supporter his shirt - a gift he will likely cherish.

But there was more to this particular gesture as Dempsey grabbed something back in return: some popcorn.

Yes, the forward was so hungry after his exploits in the match for Seattle Sounders that he grabbed a handful of the kid's popcorn. A win-win trade, it seems.

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2) POP STAR 'WANTS TO BUY LIVERPOOL' - Yes, this is apparently serious according to reports... Rihanna wants to own her favourite team

Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo says Liverpool are the team of choice for Rihanna, who is thinking seriously about buying the club.

The paper says she has been advised by close friend and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba to make an offer for the Anfield club, which seems utterly extraordinary.

She revealed her passion for football throughout the World Cup by live-tweeting matches and engaging very enthusiastically with fans, but this really would be taking things to the next level.

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3) FUNNY CARTOON PREVIEWS NEW PREM SEASON - The Premier League season is previewed in a way you won't be expecting

They’ve done it again. The crazy lot over at 442oons, who made a series of funny videos during the World Cup in Brazil this summer, have turned their talents to the Premier League.

The upcoming season has been previewed in all manner of different ways by various broadcasters and websites, but this has got to be the most entertaining.

The cartoon spoof of The Lightning Seeds’ classic ‘Football’s Coming Home’ song from Euro ’96 alongside David Baddiel and Frank Skinner has been used for the video. Enjoy!

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4) VERY COOL PORTRAITS OF EURO STARS - Top European footballers depicted beautifully in arty portraits

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To mark the launch of Sky Sports 5, John Myatt, the talented mimic, is unveiling a collection of portraits of top European football stars at the at the Castle Fine Art gallery.

The gifted art forger of the 20th Century pays unique homage to five of the finest European footballers, including Steven Gerrard and Cristiano Ronaldo, by depicting them in the style of one of their most famous national painters.

The collection of portraits includes:

  • Andrea Pirlo in the style of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
  • Andres Iniesta in the style of Pablo Picasso’s Portrait of Dora Maar
  • Arjen Robben in the style of Vincent van Gogh’s Self Portrait
  • Cristiano Ronaldo in the style of Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro’s Portrait of Professor Antero de Quental
  • Steven Gerrard in the style of Joshua Reynolds’ Portrait of General John Burgoyne

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5) WHAT THE... REALLY?! - Coach: Shaquille O'Neal used to spar naked with NBA team-mates

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So, you may have known that NBA great Shaquille O'Neal has trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (the base style of mixed martial arts) for years. What you may not have known, until now, is that he allegedly used to like to practice his BJJ with NBA teammates, naked.

According to former coach Alvin Gentry, Shaq would set up ambushes of teammates on the regular, where he would run after and tackle one, wearing nothing but a menacing smile (and perhaps his Jiu-Jitsu rank belt?). Gentry revealed the disturbing "prank" details in a recent interview.

"The thing that he did that he got to be notorious for is that, every few days or every week or so, he would decide that it was time for this Brazilian naked wrestling contest," Gentry said.


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