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What this 7-year-old girl is about to do will terrify you

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Kankudai by Mahiro(7 years old) by bestviralvideos

Little Mahiro is a seven-year-old girl from Japan. And she can definitely beat you up.

Most of her friends have spent the early years of their lives collecting Hello Kitty stickers and building up their collections of plastic toy jewellery.

But Mahiro decided that was a waste of time, and instead has dedicated herself to learning Kanku Dai, a form of karate where all blows are made with open hands.

And it turned out that she was pretty good at it - amazingly, rising to the rank of black belt. We say 'amazingly', but by the time you've watched the video above you'll think that black belt sounds pretty fair.

This video of her practising her awesome skills has already gone viral and is featured on numerous combat sports websites.

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