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Adorable video of kids’ Taekwondo duel goes viral

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Adorable kids' Taekwondo duel by meknine

A martial art created in Korea, Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and the hand”. It has not taken long for these two young children to grasp that basic premise.

The discipline is one of the two Asian martial arts present in the Olympic programme – the other being judo - and it would not be a surprise at all if we see these two future stars competing on the biggest stage in the future.

The above video has gone viral and it's frankly no surprise given how adorable the scene is: two young kids having a wonderful time learning a new, fun sport.

While it could be argued that they are too young to be taking on what is essentially a semi-violent sport consisting of kicking and hitting other people, they seem to be thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The goal is to hit the opponent’s trunk with both kicks and punches in the blue-and-red-coloured region. With the feet, one can score a point, or two in the case of a roundhouse kick, whereas a punch scores only a point.

So regardless of how well each of these kids is performing, it's a heartwarming thing to see both being introduced to a sport they enjoy at a young age.

Some may see it as controversial, but World of Sport is in favour of young kids being introduced to a range of sports from an early age - that is, if they enjoy it.

Great Britain won two medals at London 2012, with Jade Jones claiming an historic Olympic gold and Lutalo Muhammad an impressive bronze, so maybe this video can provide inspiration for those of a similar age - or even older.

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