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Alex Zanardi SPOTY campaign gathers pace

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Last week we launched our campaign for Alex Zanardi to win the BBC's Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award - you can read our article here, explaining why we think he is so special.

We have been overwhelmed by the response from our readership and beyond - Zanardi's courage and humanity has inspired thousands of people.

In particular, the Zanardi campaign has picked up steam on Twitter, where we have been using the hashtag #zanardi2win to show our support for the campaign.

While the BBC might have other things on its mind this week, it is imperative we keep up the momentum and maintain the pressure on the corporation's expert panel to recognise this amazing person.

Let's spread the word by tweeting famous and influential people on Twitter, and you can also let the man himself know about your support by tweeting @lxznr

Here are some of the best responses to our original article last week:

Lindsay - I am not ashamed to admit shedding a few manly tears when reading this article. What an example for us all to look up to.

Diane - He certainly gets my vote. Having been at Brands Hatch, I can only say "what an inspiration!". What a shame if Usain Bolt was to win it. He doesn't come close to what has been achieved by Zanardi.

Mes - Alessandro is a true hero in every sense of the word. Let alone how he recovered from a situation that would be life over for 99% of people. To go on and achieve what he has... well, he deserves any accolade anyone is prepared to give him. An inspiration to anyone.

Robert - I'm a very cynical 70 year old who looks around and sees so much in the world which saddens and disgusts me but thank God a man like Alex Zanardi appears and gives me a glimmer of hope that all is not greedy sportsmen and incompetent politicians. Please, please let us have some recognition of a truly noble spirit rather than z list 'celebrities'. I live in hope.

Phill - Being a sport star is not the same being a sportsman. He truly deserves to win the award as he really embodies the true sense of the word. He competes but cares about his fellow athletes.

And here is a selection of #zanardi2win tweets of the past week.

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Thanks for your support - #zanardi2win

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