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Alligator stuns golfers with fairway trespass

World of Sport

Slow play on the golf course has been a point of contention in recent weeks, with China's teenage sensation Tianlang Gua given a penalty in his second round at The Masters for taking too long over a shot.

So what better way to speed things up than unleash a highly dangerous amphibious reptile on the fairway?

Golfers, caddies and officials look shocked when an alligator made an entrance at this week's Zurich Classic in Aondale, Louisiana.

The TV commentators were less put out by the uninvited guest, joking that the three-legged beast was 'remote controlled' and a deliberate attempt by the PGA to curtail slow play.

The men who had to deal with the beast looked less amused though - one man put his cart in reverse to escape the croc, although he eventually slows to a halt in admiration at its gumption.

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