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Amazing skills earn Yo-Yo champ 12th title

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Japan's Shinji Saito's amazing skills have seen him win his 12th world title at the World Yo-Yo Championships in Orlando, despite still being only 24.

Saito is a master in the "2A" division (using two yo-yos simultaneously to perform reciprocating or looping tricks) and has won eight world championships in that class - winning his first when he was just 13.

He has won the combined division (where players have to compete and demonstrate skill in multiple styles) on four occasions to make it 12 titles in all.

In Orlando, he blew everyone away with an amazing routine which saw him once again claim the 2A title - certainly a far cry from impressing your mates by 'walking the dog' on the school playground.

Check out the routine that won Saito his latest title in the video below.




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