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Amazing snowmobile crash caught on video

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Two snowmobilers have survived an incredible mishap that saw
them plunge hundreds of feet down a mountain.

The extreme sports fanatics were racing up a mountainside - a
sport known as uphill drag - and got to within touching distance of the
finishing line.

But a slight loss of control right at the end saw the rider
clip rocks at the side of the piste, flipping the snowmobile up into the air
and plunging machine, rider and passenger hundreds of feet down
the mountain at breakneck speeds.

Incredibly, both survived the ordeal - and they even managed to record the whole thing with a helmet camera.

The identity of the snowmobilers has not been established beyond
the fact that the video was posted on a French video sharing website a few days

But the crash has now taken the internet by storm with over a million people having now viewed the amazing escape.

Watch the video:

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