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  • TV reporter Tom Steinfort had no idea what was going on behind him with these fans, plus more craziness from our round-up of funny stuff.

  • Gold medallist Jonnie Peacock admits that he has to keep his feet firmly on the ground and his finances in check despite the huge success he achieved at the London 2012 Paralympics.

    The 21-year-old’s life has changed dramatically since winning gold in the T44 men’s 100 metres in London, but the Cambridge-born athlete still remembers the time when he earned just £20-per-week in his local garage.

    In an interview courtesy of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Peacock admitted that his priorities are all about saving for his first property and starting a pension, rather than splashing

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  • Cross-country skiing really is a taxing sport. Scrap that, it's exhausting.

    The gruelling sport requires special levels of endurance beyond your normal, amateur athletes.

    The above video demonstrates in comical and brutal fashion just how difficult it is quite perfectly.

    If World of Sport is completely honest, it is not 100 per cent where and when the above hilarity ensued.

    The competitor appears to get into some trouble as she approaches the finish, but, determined to make it, she attempts to clamber to her feet.

    However, unable to do so with more than one botched attempt, she simply crawls

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  • Danny Green (Reuters)Danny Green (Reuters)

    An offensive caption posted with a selfie has seen a sports star receive a fierce backlash.

    NBA star Danny Green sparked controversy after posting a very ill-advised caption on a picture of himself which he published online.

    The San Antonio Spurs shooting guard visited the Holocaust Memorial with his team currently in Berlin to play in an exhibition match.

    After taking the selfie at the Memorial, he captioned the photo on social media in a highly inappropriate way.

    "You know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust."

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  • Next time you feel a twinge when picking up a bag of shopping in Sainbury's, think about fifteen-year-old Maryana Naumova - and hang your head in shame. 

    Maryana lifted a record-breaking 145 kilogrammes, or 319 pounds, at the Mr Olympia body-building championship in Las Vegas while barely breaking a sweat.

    Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she then attempted to lift 150 kilogrammes, equal to 330 pounds, but had to stop after cramping.

    Very, very impressive. And not a little scary.

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  • A lot of mad stuff happens every day. Funny stuff. Crazy stuff. Weird stuff.

    So much stuff, in fact, that you can't keep track of it all. You can't. It'd drive you bonkers.

    That's where World of Sport comes in: we spend hours trawling the news for sports stories that will amuse, delight, entertain and shock so that you don't have to.

    And today, one very happy couple take centre stage in our round-up of the craziness from the world of sport.


    1) HAPPY COUPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S ABOVE THEM - Bride and groom don't realise they're crashing something spectacular

    Matthew and Kerry Glen (via and Kerry Glen (via

    Matt and Kerry Glen from

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  • 73-foot canyon gap backflip

    Jeff Herbertson managed to land a 73-foot jump across a canyon but his fast and furious descent was just as terrifying.

    In this clip from Red Bull Rampage 2014, Herbertson used his GoPro camera to show us mere mortals just what it looks like to career down a canyon on a bike.

    Frankly, it is downright scary. Right from the very start of his run, the pace is incredible and it barely lets up.

    And the highlight, of course, is his death-defying 73-foot leap, which he decided to take as a backflip. As you do.

    It all amounts to quite staggering footage.


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  • International football is in crisis, and it is a crisis of football’s own making.

    There is very little to get excited about during an international week. They don’t enthuse me at all to be honest. When it comes to this ‘dark week’, as it’s known in TV terms, it is very boring, especially when compared to Premier League and Champions League weeks. You are twiddling your thumbs most of the time because there is nothing to look forward to.

    UEFA’s decision to introduce their Week of Football – with six consecutive days of Euro 2016 qualifiers – means decent games are spread far too thinly. At

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  • JP Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, has become a sports star and an online sensation.

    Gibson, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, joined NBA side Utah Jazz on the bench and a video of him coming on to star for the team in front of a capacity crowd has gone viral in what was a very sweet moment.

    He signed a contract with Jazz president Randy Rigby before donning the number one jersey and delivering a brilliant slam dunk to cap it all off.

    His dad Josh, mum Megan and two-year-old sister Elsie cheered him on as he took to the court in the third

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  • The party atmosphere at Jaguars games is attracting new fans. (Eric Adelson/Yahoo Sports)The party atmosphere at Jaguars games is attracting new fans. (Eric Adelson/Yahoo Sports)

    Erin Rohe is a stay-at-home mom with four children below the age of 10. Her days are organized around preschool runs and errands. "I don't get out much," she said Sunday afternoon with a smile.

    She did have a ticket to the Jacksonville Jaguars' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, though, and she decided to check out the new party deck with its cabanas and pool overlooking the field on a sunny mid-70s afternoon.

    "I didn't have a [swim]suit," she explained, "but I was here, and the energy was so amazing. I just wanted to get in."

    So Rohe just walked into the pool, in her Maurice Jones-Drew

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