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  • International footballer survives horrific car crash

    South Africa defender Rooi Mahamutsa (pictured in the last photograph, below) has astonishingly walked away from a horrific car crash near near Johannesburg.

    Pictures from the incident on Twitter show how Mahamutsa's BMW 3-Series was left impaled on a guard rail after the crash.

    Mahamutsa saw his car slide on a wet road forcing the collision into the rail guarding the side of the road.

    As you can see from the pictures, the rear of the car is pierced by the crash barrier with the front of the vehicle penetrated be the crash barrier.

    The Orlando Pirates player - who is 32 and has won three

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    Baseball might seem like a game for pudgy non-athletes, where three hours of tobacco-chewing is only occasionally interrupted by the chore of having to swing a bat or catch a ball.

    But a pre-season Major League game in Arizona showed it can be as fast, dramatic and downright dangerous as any sport in the world.

    Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman suffered a broken nose and a fracture above the left eye after being smashed in the face by a rocket shot hit by Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals.

    The speeding ball, thrown by Chapman at 99mph and hit

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  • One of Kelly's pics of her fellow half-marathoners

    When athlete Kelly Roberts lined up at the New York half-marathon, she was clearly daunted by the idea of trekking round the streets of the metropolis for 31.1 miles.

    But then she came up with a brilliant way to put some spring back in her step.

    Rather than give herself the usual pep talks ("You can do it! You are amazing!") or try to distract herself from the pain by letting her mind wander, she decided that she would user her phone to take photos of the hot guys around her who were also taking part in the race.

    There was only one problem: like any self-respecting 20-something she was far

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  • Woman told to cover up in gym for looking ‘too toned’

    There are many places in the world where showing off your toned physique in an outfit that verges on the skimpy side is inappropriate.

    At a primary school nativity play, for example. Or a funeral.

    But in a gym?

    Yet Tiffany Austin apparently caused enough of a stir with her outfit at Planet Fitness in Richmond, California, that the staff asked her to wear a shirt to cover up.

    Tiffany was working out as part of her rehab programme following a recent car accident, and hadn't thought twice about wearing a cropped, strappy tank top and a pair of tracksuit bottoms.

    The outfit - and the body - that got Tiffany Austin into trouble at the gym

    But staff came up to her as she

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  • The beer that makes it okay* to have post-gym pint

    * Of course, it isn't really okay, but this may be a slightly better option than others.

    A man does a fancy form of a press-up while his Lean Machine waits patiently for consumption

    If your idea of a post-exercise beverage is not a shaker full of gloopy chocolate-ish milky protein-based muck, you may well be in luck.

    That's what the dogged marketing team behind 'Lean Machine' hope to convey, at least.

    Vampt, a Canadian drinks brand, have produced a drink they like to call the 'world's first recovery ale' with the stated aim of fulfilling most athletes' dreams.

    Most people have experienced the longing for a nice alcoholic beverage - preferably a beer! - following a hard stint of

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  • When a US schoolgirl was banned from playing in a football match because of her Islamic headscarf, her team-mates made an incredible gesture of defiance and solidarity.

    Despite FIFA deciding that footballers can cover their heads with headscarves or turbans earlier this month, a US high school referee took exception to teenager Samah Aidah’s own hijab in Aurora, Colorado.

    Aidah was prevented from participating in the match as a result, so next time out her team-mates – and coaching staff at Overland High School – all donned the hijab.

    The whole team, not just Muslim players.

    They posed for the

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  • Paralympic gold medal winners Kelly Gallagher (right) and her guide Charlotte Evans

    Britain's first ever Paralympic gold medallist thought life could get no better when she won the Super-G skiing at the Winter Paralympics in Sochi.

    But the joy of victory won't pay the bills - and on her return home, Gallagher admitted that she is penniless.

    "We are skint, we are less than skint, we have no money," she said, adding that her guide Charlotte Evans (pictured above with Gallagher) is also in financial dire straits.

    Gallagher hit the headlines when she claimed the title, and said that she is determined to continue the sport despite all the hardships it throws at her.

    "We’ve been

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  • Meet the GB stars of the future

    English 17-year-old Charley Hull shot a stunning 62 to win her first European Ladies Tour golf tournament at the weekend. But Charley isn't the only young Brit who has the world of sport at her feet. We take a look at the other up-and-coming stars of British sport who are expected to hit the headlines over the next few years.

    Charley Hull

    Meet the GB stars of the future

    Kettering lass Charley first sprang to fame as a tiny tot golfing prodigy, when her ungodly skills at a ridiculously young age - she won the UK National Ladies Championship at Turnberry when she was just nine - earned her all sorts of media appearances.


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  • ‘Johnny’ be good for Internazionale (finally)

    This is an underdog story. An improbable tale of redemption. Its hero is Jonathan Cicero Moreira, a boy from Brazil. Once upon a time, not so long ago, he was considered a villain. Maybe ‘villain’ is too strong a word. But for fans of Inter Jonathan came to represent everything that was wrong about their club. He became an unwitting symbol of their decline after the triplete in 2010.

    Signed from Cruzeiro, ‘Johnny’ was presented as the new Douglas Maicon. Those were big shoes to fill. Remember this was before Maicon had to put up with shouts of ‘Taxi’ every time he touched the ball following

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  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are not a very good basketball team and look like missing out on the NBA playoffs yet again this season despite making some big signings.

    However, one area where they rule the roost is in 3D Floor projection as the above video shows.

    As part of the franchise's celebration and jersey retirement ceremony for beloved center Zydrunas Ilgauskas last week the team unveiled a new 3D projection system for the court at Quicken Loans Arena.

    We could wax lyrically about it all day, but this is one occasion where you just have to watch.

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