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  • Melanie Sykes becomes latest face of BT Sport

    You may not have heard, but BT Sport now owns extensive coverage of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship season as it takes on a five-year stint with the motorsport.

    But what you probably have not noticed is that Melanie Sykes has been confirmed as the new face of the sport with the broadcaster.

    Yep, the 43-year-old best known for fronting Boddington's beer adverts and presenting Christmassy cooking shows on daytime TV.

    But now Sykes will turn her attention to sport, anchoring BT Sport's coverage of MotoGP and having a big presence on the channel.

    Describing what she hopes the coverage will

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  • Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary Swimsuit Edition cover

    "Athletic" and "healthy" were the key words at the centre of Sports Illustrated's landmark 50th anniversary edition as the celebrated magazine marked it with a look at the "past, present and future" of female sport.

    The magazine unveiled its annual swimsuit issue with models Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen on the cover of its 50th anniversary edition, and it is likely to spark a fresh debate around the focus on athletic and healthy physiques.

    Agdal, 21, from Denmark, and Americans Teigen and Aldridge, both 28, are the latest models to win a spot on the cover of the magazine's

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  • Are sports sponsorship deals a waste of money?

    Some of the biggest stars of the sporting world make the majority of their income through lucrative product endorsement deals - but are the companies paying top dollar to make the likes of Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt commit to wearing their clothes or advertise their product really getting their money's worth?

    Research commissioned by multi-channel marketing agency Threepipe suggests that sponsorship of top sporting stars by brands is failing to make an impact on consumers.

    The survey of 18-24 year olds, an important target audience for many brands involved in sport, found that 77 per cent

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  • British athletics starlet already making a big impact

    Fans of British athletics are justified in beginning to get very excited about the future prospects of heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

    Britain has enjoyed an illustrious list of fine heptathletes over the years with reigning Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill, 2004 bronze medallist Kelly Sotherton and Denise Lewis - Olympic champion in Sydney, of course - to name three.

    But now, with Ennis having announced that she is pregnant with her first child and absent from the whole of the 2014 season, it is her successor-in-waiting Johnson-Thompson who is making her own history.

    Still just 21,

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  • Michael Sam was a very good college football player at Missouri. He'll be drafted in May, and should make a good defensive lineman for a NFL team for years to come.

    Sam came out publicly as being gay on Sunday, to the New York Times and ESPN. We'll finally get to see that a player's sexual orientation has nothing to do with his ability to excel on the football field. Sam, assuming he gets drafted as expected, will be the NFL's first openly gay player.

    Sam came out to his team-mates before last season, the Times said. Rumours about him being gay had already started well in advance of the

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  • Frame of snooker descends into game of Jenga

    Mark Selby unsurprisingly swept aside Chen Zhe in the fourth round of 10 at the relatively-unknown Gdynia Open snooker tournament in Poland.

    The 4-0 whitewash at the final European Tour event of the season, however, was more memorable for a remarkable situation in the opening frame than it was for the world number two’s consummate performance.

    During a stalemate of tentative safety play at the start of the match, the two players ended up knocking the black ball over a nearby corner pocket.

    Such potentially-delicate situations can and often are handled quite easily in the world of professional

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  • BBC expert Foster slams Gove for ‘demonising’ running

    Brendan Foster seems an affable chap – his commentary for the BBC has a certain bounce and enthusiasm one associates with a generally good egg, and the former Olympic bronze medallist has won plenty of friends since founding the Great North Run.

    So it is quite something when the former 3,000m world record holder accuses someone of “demonising” running.

    However, when that vitriol is reserved for one Michael Gove then the surprise begins to dissipate.

    Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, has come under consistent criticism whilst in office, which has culminated in a petition to remove

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  • Flooding leaves kayakers and canoeists filling their boots

    This week has seen several Olympic sports devastated as a result of losing their funding. British basketball was a high-profile disaster story as the sport lost its entire elite funding, just a year after winning it back.

    UK Sport’s annual investment review of Summer Olympic and Paralympic sports did, however, see other sports get a nice increase in funding as the money from the unlucky sports was redirected towards those where we have a chance of winning medals.

    And it seems that the sports of canoeing and kayaking now have so much cash kicking around that competitors are heading straight to

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  • On this day in 1958: The Munich air disaster

    Manchester United players and staff and journalists prepare to board the doomed BEA Elizabethan plane on the snowy runway in Munich (AFP)

    Seven of Manchester United’s famous Busby Babes team were killed in a plane crash in Munich while returning from a European Cup tie in Belgrade on this day in 1958.

    Three club officials and 13 others also died instantly when their aircraft overshot the icy runway and smashed into a house on its third take-off attempt after refuelling.

    The footballers killed on impact were, Eddie Colman, 21, Billy Whelan, 22, David Pegg, 22, and Geoff Bent, 25, Tommy Taylor, 26, Roger Byrne, 28.

    Duncan Edwards, 21, died two weeks later, while Jackie Blanchflower, 24, and Johnny Berry, 31, were injured to such

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  • Fairytale end for distraught robbed women

    Seahawks fans Sarah Agerup (left) and Nicole Hill (CBS screenshot)

    Two women saw their dream trip to New York turn from a horrendous nightmare to a story of heartwarming kindness and redemption over the weekend.

    Nicole Hill and Sarah Agerup saw their dreams come true as they secured tickets for the Super Bowl, and the Seattle duo crossed the country to support the Seahawks.

    But as the pair told WCBS-TV, they tragically had their Super Bowl tickets stolen when Hill's wallet was pilfered at the San Francisco International Airport, while they were en route to the Big Apple.

    Having suffered the nightmare of the tickets being stolen from their bags, a remarkable

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