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  • Brazilian footballer out for two weeks with hiccups

    The unfortunate Lean-hic!-drãoA Brazilian footballer has finally returned to training after an epic two-week bout of the hiccups.

    Defender Leandrao of second-tier side Caldense started hiccupping after a squad dinner before the start of their league campaign.

    Players initially joked about the affliction, but it did not subside and the 27-year-old was forced out of pre-season training.

    After local doctors could not stop the hiccups, Caldense sent Leandrao to Rio de Janeiro for further treatment.

    They finally stopped after 13 days, and medics concluded a respiratory problem was to blame.

    Club spokesman Gustavo Mendanha said:

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  • Daredevil’s mountain ridge motorbike ride

    A daredevil motorbike rider's incredible feat of bravery has taken the internet by storm after footage of him riding along a tiny mountain ridge became world famous.

    The rider, identified as Gorpo McMahan, made the film on the foothills of the Bookliff mountain range just outside the town of Grand Junction, Colorado.

    The astonishing film shows the rider speeding over snow and ice and showing no fear of the vertiginous drops either side of him despite the fact that he was inches from death all the way along. We warn you now, you may wish to strap yourself into your armchair before watching this

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  • Crazy Norwegians invent ‘bubble football’

    A group of Norwegian lunatics - yes, that's the only word for them - have invented an entirely new sport that has to be seen to be believed: bubble football.

    The game sees players run around the pitch wearing what could be loosely described as giant, inflatable hamster balls on their heads. It obviously impairs their movement and agility, but they simply bounce safely whenever they take a spill.

    The game is the brainchild of Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden - for those who don't speak Norwegian, you may wish to fast forward our video to the one minute mark to get straight into the action.

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  • Balotelli’s crazy life to become opera

    The madcap antics of Manchester City star Mario Balotelli are to be chronicled to music in a new opera.

    City fan and composer Patrick Knowles has already written the first piece for the musical, entitled 'Balotelli — Why Always Me?'

    The phrase was emblazoned upon a T-shirt worn by Balotelli during the famous 6-1 derby win at the Old Trafford home of city rivals United in October.

    Balotelli's famous tee-shirt, a response to newspaper stories about his life

    Many of the stories about the 21-year-old's life in Manchester have been frankly bizarre - a list of them are featured at the bottom of this story.

    Knowles, 65, from Stockport, Cheshire believes the show could be as

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  • Quotes of the Week: ‘Shut it, Warnock’

    Neil Warnock and Joey Barton in (slightly) happier times

    Revenge is Tweet

    "People get on the phone and tweet every five or 10 minutes, and it's almost like slowly poisoning somebody, from outside the club and no doubt from within the club as well. It's a dangerous precedent if you let players talk to chairmen, but you can't stop Twitter and things like that." Neil Warnock blames Twitter for his sacking from QPR.

    "If I talked about Neil, he'd do well to get another job. Twitter cost him his job???? I can think of a million other things! #shutitwarnock ... Neil Warnock saying I talk to (sic) much. Now that is funny #mikebassett... "

    Joey Barton, on

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  • 20,000 noisy children watch Ajax lose

    Rasmus Elm's second-half penalty secured AZ Alkmaar a 3-2 victory over Ajax Amsterdam in a Dutch Cup replay watched only by noisy schoolchildren in the Amsterdam Arena on Thursday.

    The original tie was abandoned on December 21 shortly before halftime after a fan invaded the pitch and attacked Alkmaar keeper Esteban.

    Esteban retaliated and was sent off but his red card was rescinded and Ajax were forced to replay the game in an empty stadium.

    Ajax asked the Dutch football association to allow women and children to attend the match but the ruling body decided that only the latter would be

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  • Brave ball girl catches giant bug

    Ball girl at Australian Open

    Night bugs have been a problem at the Australian Open this year and one poor ball girl had to face up to her clear phobia and remove one so that play could continue.

    During the match between home favourite Lleyton Hewitt and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe, an unwanted insect invader became the centre of attention as Stebe asked for the bug to be removed before continuing.

    It was left to a ball girl to run over and catch the bug and she couldn't throw it away quick enough after finishing a job she clearly did not enjoy.

    When her brave effort was shown to the fans on the big screen they gave her a huge

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  • Fan attacks mascot after being sprayed with string

    Thunderbug Showdown

    A hockey fan was not impressed after he was sprayed with silly string during an NHL match in Tampa, Florida.

    The fan was supporting the visiting Boston Bruins team when the Tampa Bay Lightning's mascot 'Thunderbug' decided to have some fun and spray him with the offending string.

    The away fan jumped out of his seat, turned and pushed the mascot to the ground.

    Thunderbug kept his cool and instead signalled to the security personnel to remove the Boston fan from the arena.

    The Bruins fan still had time to dish out some choice words to Thunderbug and the fans surrounding him before he was

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  • Baghdatis smashes four racquets in 25 seconds

    Marcos Baghdatis goes crazy

    It is hardly a rare sight to see a tennis player smash a racquet but Marcos Baghdatis took his level of frustration to new levels at the Australian Open.

    After seeing his serve broken during a key moment of his second round match against Stanislas Wawrinka, the 2006 finalist completely lost his cool.

    Baghdatis smashed four racquets into ruin in the space of just 25 seconds — the last two of which he didn't even bother to take out of the wrapper.

    In the short-term, it seemed to galvanise the Cypriot as he managed to break back in the very next game.

    However, his new found momentum didn't last

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  • Amazing skills of ‘six-year-old Sachin’

    A six-year-old cricket prospect has already netted a sponsorship deal thanks to his amazing skills.

    Young Charlie Allison shows all the shotmaking skills of a young Sachin Tendulkar in a video posted on the internet by his sponsor PiriPiri cricket bats, who proudly announce him as "their latest signing".

    But while England were on the receiving end of many of the original Little Master's  best shots, young Charlie is a proud Englishman and delivers a fantastic array of shots in his Essex whites.

    In the video Charlie is seen hitting everything from straight drives to pull shots and even

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