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  • Artist's impression of the potential new stadium for New York FC (via

    Manchester City surprised a lot of people in football when they announced they were launching a new Major League Soccer team back in May - a joint venture which they entering into with the New York Yankees.

    New York City Football Club will enter the MLS from the start of the 2015 season, and while it was originally suggested that they would be based at a new ground in Corona Park, Queens, it now seems that they could have a much more prestigious address: Manhattan.

    The proposed venue, according to a report at Sportsgrid, is said to be Pier 40, located on the west side of Manhattan island

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  • File this one under things he'll never live down.

    During Saturday afternoon's New York Mets game at Citi Field, a ridiculously ripped fan fought the battle of his life against bottle of a water. And lost. Convincingly.

    It was a painful struggle to watch, though mainly because we've all been there and had to surrender ourselves at one time or another. Just never on television — thankfully. But I really do feel his pain, because sometimes I'm convinced the bottles and caps are designed to embarrass us. In this case, it also appears the bottle is already slick, which make it impossible to grip.

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  • The importance of commercial sponsorships in football has been laid bare by the Australian media who have revealed that Manchester United were willing to disappoint over 80,000 fans in Sydney in row over fizzy drinks.

    United beat the Australian A-League All-Stars 5-1 last month in front of a sell-out 83,127 at the ANZ Stadium but it turns out the night's real drama took place off the pitch.

    Just 20 minutes before kick-off the match was still on the brink of cancellation because United were refusing to take the pitch as long as the stadium's giant screens were flashing up ads for Coca-Cola.

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  • Megan Welter.

    Internet fame is a fleeting thing even in the best of times.

    But this is a quick turnaround.

    Megan Welter, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader and second lieutenant in the Army, won deserved acclaim earlier this week for serving a 16-month tour in Iraq. Now, just two days later, comes word that she’s been arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.

    First, the good news. Welter is a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and she’s been a competitive dancer since she was nine. “The war was going on at the time when I graduated college,” she told ABC15. “I wanted to take a job that was going to

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  • Taekwondo match does not go as expected

    We don't have any details about where this fight took place, who the participants are, or why exactly it is so funny, we just know that we love it.

    The 'Taekwondo With a Twist' video has proved to be a ratings smash with our friends at Yahoo! US so we thought we would share it with you here in the UK.

    Taekwondo is a serious Olympic sport but this certainly isn't a serious video just a bit of fun to lighten up your day.

    As our friends at Yahoo! US said: "This is something you don't usually see in a Taekwondo match! It's definitely entertaining though!"


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  • DRS nightmare pt. 524

    "The manner of Usman Khawaja's exit for one was farcical, evidence that incompetency cannot be easily overcome by innovation. The Khawaja dismissal was brought about by shocking decisions from both an on-field umpire and the official in the video review box" – Fairfax Media’s Chris Barrett on the latest Ashes cock-up.

    "DRS had another of those days when it looks like your grandma trying to make a call on a smartphone and accidentally downloading a snuff movie" – The Australia’s cricket pundit Gideon Haigh neatly (of not nicely) encapsulates the hapless umpires’ use of

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  • Horror tackle takes out wrong opponent

    Sometimes poor tackles are the result of a rush of blood to the head.

    An opponent fouls you earlier in the game, maybe says something out of order, possibly even leaves a niggly elbow after a challenge.

    Or, like in this case, he could be guilty of the ‘sin’ of being a bit too good for you.

    Liaoning Whowin's Zhang Jingyang felt he was being taunted by the skill of Giovanni Moreno, a Colombia international midfielder who plays for Shanghai Shenhua.

    Moreno weaves inside and out the Chinese midfielder, who loses his rag before launching into a knee-high, two-footed tackle; the kind of tackle that

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  • Soap opera pays tribute to Colombia football legends

    'La Seleccion' – or 'the national team' – is the story of Colombia's four greatest players and how they made their names in the 80s and 90s.

    You may well remember the likes of goalkeeper Rene Higuita – famous for his 'scorpion kick' – and Carlos Valderrama, the silky midfielder with the bouffant blond afro hairdo.

    There was also Freddy Rincon, probably their most successful club player at the time, and of course Newcastle's wild-man Faustino Asprilla.

    All four were larger-than-life (see later for detail on run-ins with the law), and are still a bit loco even though they're well into middle

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  • A man who has raised thousands of pounds for charity by running around the country with a fridge on his back is set for his biggest challenge to date.

    Tony Phoenix-Morrison, or 'Tony the Fridge' as he is known, is aiming to run from John O’Groats to Land’s End with the 42kg (93lb) monstrosity on his back in just 40 days.

    That means 1,053 miles, or just over the length of a marathon each day. For 40 days. WITH A FRIDGE ON HIS BACK, with all the proceeds going to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

    Tony has raised over £36,000 for the cancer charity already through his fridge-running exploits, and

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  • Electric Lionel Messi as you’ve never seen him before

    We are all used to seeing Lionel Messi waltz around the football pitch with the ball glued to his toe like a 1980s football computer game.

    Pundits and men in pubs the world over have salivated over his touch and technique – then spent the night dreaming they were as good as the Argentine.

    So what could sponsor Adidas do to introduce us to a fresh angle on his game?

    “Exploring the moves that make him the best in the world in intricate detail through the use of light,” reads the press release.

    “The film captures and analyzes Leo's movement, to reveal the secret of his movement on the pitch.


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