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  • Bride makes own dress out of football shirts

    Simon and Karen

    Manchester City fan Karen Bell stunned her equally fanatical husband-to-be Simon by walking down the aisle on their wedding day in a dress made out of old City shirts.

    The creative 38-year-old made the dress herself out of Simon's collection of shirts to ensure she had a unique "something blue" for her big day.

    What's more, rather than popping off to a tropical paradise after the wedding, the pair went straight to the Etihad stadium after the ceremony to watch their heroes beat Stoke City 3-0.

    "It was the day of a match so Simon said I would have to turn up in a City shirt. That set me

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  • A year in the life of the amazing ‘Rollerman’

    Rollerman Danny StrasserGerman thrill-seeker Danny Strasser - dubbed 'Rollerman' - has compiled a collection of some extraordinary stunts around the world as the end of 2011 approaches.

    Strasser, a keen snowboarder, took to his home-made set of wheels and filmed some daring action across the world.

    Speeding down the sharp descents of the Alps, weaving through the traffic in South Korea, and even putting his blades through the rigours of a bobsleigh track in Germany, Strasser's antics lie somewhere between brave and mad.

    Watch the video and marvel for yourself:

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  • 62-year-old boss’ ball skills moves opponents to applause

    Hassan Shehata, ZamalekHigh-flying Zamalek managed to beat mid-table Telephonaat Beni Suef 2-0 in the Egyptian League on Boxing Day, but the best moment of play came from the Zamalek coach Hassan Shehata.

    Shehata, now 62, spent the majority of his playing career at Zamalek in the late 1960s and from 1971 to 1983, and a seven-year stint in charge of Egypt

    32 minutes into the contest, the ball bounced aimlessly out of play towards Shehata's technical area.

    Nonchalantly, Shehata let the ball bounce over his head and scorpion kicked it over his head and back into play, before issuing some ferocious instructions to his

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  • Quotes of the Week: ‘Coloured players in all the teams’

    Alan Hansen chats to Kenny DalglishYou either have to be part of the solution, or you're going to be part of the problem. The former Liverpool and Scotland defender-turned-pundit Alan Hansen used to be best known for his "you can't win anything with kids" quip before Manchester's United kids snagged the Premier League and FA Cup double in 1996. His analyis of recent allegations of racism in England's elite league probably left him feeling a bit off-colour.

    When asked by footballer-turned-Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker if he felt racism was rife in English football, Hansen commented: "No it's not... I think it's better,

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  • 59-year-old woman wins truck with miracle shot

    Proof that it is indeed the season of miracles...A 59-year-old lady who had never held an ice hockey stick in her life pulled off an incredible shot to win a £32,000 truck.

    Brenda Hewett was attending a lower-league ice hockey match in her home town of Massena, New York, when she was persuaded to take part in the traditional half-time entertainment in which fans must hit a puck into a tiny hole scarcely bigger than the puck itself.

    Much against her better judgement, Brenda was persuaded to be the first of the five fans that night to have  a go at the length-of-the-rink shot.

    "Oh god, I don't wanna be first, I'm going to look foolish," she

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  • Button’s shampoo cash-in named worst celeb ad of 2011

    Jenson Button might have missed out on the F1 world championship this year, but he'll end 2011 with at least one award on his mantelpiece - for the worst celebrity appearance in an advert.

    The McLaren star's wince-inducing acting in his 30-second commercial for Head and Shoulders earned him number one spot in Campaign magazine's top 10 worst celebrity adverts of the year.

    Button narrowly beat Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson into second place, with the former Mr Charlotte Church making the list thanks to his BritBingo appearance.

    Footballer Luis Figo makes the list in fourth spot for lending his

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  • Is backward scorpion kick the best own goal ever?

    Festus Baise scoresFestus Baise is at an awkward angle when the cross comes in from the Citizen AA winger in a match in Hong Kong.

    He's off-balance but determined to get to the ball first.

    Stretching out at full pace, he throws himself into the air, and gets a boot to the ball.

    The ball loops over the head of the airborne Baise, over the melee of bodies waiting further on in the penalty area, and towards the goalkeeper.

    Wrong-footed by this acrobat scorpion kick, the goalkeeper is stranded, and despite his desperate back-pedalling, he cannot get near the ball as it loops agonisingly over his head and into the

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  • Runaway golf cart ploughs through crowd

    Golf cartThe Texas State Championship 5A final match descended into chaos at the weekend as a runaway golf cart wreaked havoc.

    Confusion reigned over the events at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but it appears that a block had lodged itself over the accelerator pedal of the unmanned golf cart as it came on to the pitch, leaving the bewildered driver in a panic.

    Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola, who was giving an interview after winning the game, was one of several people struck by the cart, and found himself thrown into the driver's seat, from where he tried his best to steer it out of harm's way.


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  • Socrates: a legendary career in photos

    Former Brazil captain Socrates died at the age of 57 after suffering an intestinal infection.

    The bearded, lanky Socrates, a leading player of his generation along with fellow Brazil midfielder Zico, played for Brazil at the 1982 and 1986 World Cups.

    Most closely associated with Corinthians, his only stint outside of Brazil was playing for Fiorentina for the 1984-85 season, though he also played 12 minutes for West Yorkshire team Garforth Town in 2004.

    In tribute to the legendary playmaker, we've compiled a gallery reflecting on the life and times of a true Brazilian hero.

    Socrates (centre,

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