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  • Can goal-crazy City be record breakers?

    Manchester City's prolific start to the season has seen critics fall over themselves to praise Roberto Mancini's side, but the club could also force some long-standing records to tumble if they continue their amazing form.

    City struck five goals in a Carling Cup victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers on Wednesday as their impressive attacking arsenal was in evidence once again, but it is in the Premier League where they have truly demonstrated their potency.

    After scoring six goals in their destruction of Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday, City sit top of the table having hit 33 goals

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  • Canine pitch invader causes chaos

    A Copa Sudamericana match between Colombia's Independiente Santa Fe and Brazil's Botafogo took a farcical turn on Tuesday night when play was halted for a number of minutes after a dog invaded the pitch.

    Independiente were leading 4-0 in the Colombian capital when the intrepid animal raced onto the pitch after 67 minutes and wreaked havoc.

    Displaying dribbling skills that would shame some of world football's best forwards, the canine slalomed round a string of officials as it evaded capture.

    Players and stewards were unable to tame the lively pitch invader, although one man did almost tempt

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  • Blind teen becomes quarterback for school team

    A courageous American teenager has defied the illness that left him legally blind to become a quarterback for his school team.

    Rhett Gutierrez suffers from Stargadt disease, a degenerative condition which causes loss of eyesight.

    The 6'2" lad from Westminster, Colorado, was first struck by the disease five years ago when he had trouble reading. At first, he had to deal with scepticism from family, friends and teachers, but tests soon showed that it was the retinal disesase.

    "They thought I was faking it for a while," Gutierrez told the Denver Post. "Or I had some some sort of Parkinson's."


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  • Drunk ref sends off players at random

    were stunned when a referee turned up drunk to officiate a match - and then
    started sending players off at random.

    Referee Tomas
    Fidra took charge of a Czech league match between local rivals Jestrabi Lhota and
    Tynec-nad-Labem, but the players were suspicious even before kick-off as Fidra
    smelt strongly of alcohol and was talking about a birthday celebration he had
    just attended.

    Fidra then
    confirmed those suspicions by stumbling around the pitch and falling over
    several times. When some of the Jestrabi players politely asked if he was
    alright shortly after half an hour into the

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  • ‘Rocket Man’ backs firework safety

    Balotelli has become the unlikely new face of a new firework safety campaign just
    three days after his house was set on fire by a firework prank that backfired.

    Manchester City striker's home went up in flames at the weekend after a
    firework was let off in a bathroom, earning him the nickname 'Rocket Man'.

    But Balotelli has insisted that the
    incident was down to a friend's blunder - and thrown his weight behind a new firework
    safety campaign,

    newspapers got the story wrong about me and the fire at my house. I didn't set
    any fireworks off, it was a friend of

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  • Proof: City are better without Tevez

    Carlos Tevez is fighting for his future at Manchester City after attending
    a disciplinary hearing, but the statistics suggest the club could be better off
    without him.

    City suspended the volatile Argentine after he allegedly refused to warm
    up as a substitute against Bayern Munich, yet they have fared better when he is
    not in the team.

    Since Tevez joined City from neighbours United in 2009, the team have
    averaged 1.86 points and 1.80 goals per game in the 69 Premier League matches
    he has played.

    However, in the 15 games he has missed, those averages have leapt to
    2.13 points and 2.40 goals.

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  • A year in the life of Mario Balotelli

    Barely a week has gone by in the last year when Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has not hit the headlines for some reason - and we should know, we've checked.

    After his latest indiscretion against LA Galaxy last week we have decided to trawl through our archives from the last year and collate all our favourite stories about the Italian striker in one place.

    There was plenty for us to choose from too - even without having the rights for THAT bib incident.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we give you - a year in the life of Mario Balotelli.


    Date: 10/08/2010

    Headline: Balotelli slams birth

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  • Quotes of the week: A recipe for disaster

    "It was inevitable in many ways, it was a recipe for disaster when you look at what was going on. We're in Las Vegas it's the last race of the championship and I do think the racers were rolled on the track, and they should have been rolled on the gambling table," former IndyCar driver Mark Blundell give his reaction to the BBC after the death of Dan Wheldon.

    "I said before the race that this track is not suitable. People were doing crazy stuff. This is the ugly part of our sport," Scottish driver Dario Franchitti, who won the IndyCar championship, echoes Blundell's opinion that things were

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  • 100-year-old Brit sets sprint records, eyes marathon best

    Fauja Singh has run his way into the record books after setting eight sprint
    bests in his age category.

    The centenarian
    only had to complete the distances to set the record - nobody his age has posted
    a timed mark in the past - but did so to claim a host of records.

    But Singh
    is now aiming to go one step further when he runs the upcoming Toronto marathon
    on Sunday.

    He has a personal
    best of five hours, 40 minutes, set back in 2003, making him the world record
    holder at the distance for a man aged 90 or over, and is looking to break that

    Singh, born
    in India in

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  • Footballer condemned for ‘execution’ celebration

    midfielder Marco Fabian has attracted a wave of criticism worldwide for
    celebrating a goal by pretending to shoot a team-mate in the head.

    The Chivas
    star scored a hat-trick as his side romped to a 5-2 victory over local rivals
    Estudiantes Tecos, but the match has come to the attention of many for the way
    he celebrated his first goal.

    away in triumph, Fabian went to team-mate Alberto Medina, held his finger up as
    if it was a pistol, and simulated shooting him at point-blank range in the

    playing along, fell to the ground.

    Fabian was
    booked by the referee

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